Monday, March 29, 2010

lots to say, no time to say it

There is a lot on my mind right now, and a lot I'd like to say about it. Its about a topic that I'm very passionate about, surronding first time mothers and birth. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to even begin to type it all out, much less get it out RIGHT and the way I want to say it.

So, instead, I'll leave you with a video of Zeke. His talking is just about the highlight of my day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Delayed Reaction

Our first born son has been a handful lately. (Handful is actually putting it MILDLY!) As E and I discussed A's behavior last night, we started to come to the realization that he may be having a delayed reaction to Isaac.

Up to this point, Isaac has just been another warm body. Attached to me in the sling most of the time, barely making a peep. But, lately, he's been cooing, and laughing, and needing a bit more quiet and calm in the house to sleep. So, to sum it up, Isaac needs more attention now.

A somehow, sometime, decided that HE needed more attention, too. Pooping in his pants, tearing off the covers at nap time, getting out of bed repeatedly, pulling all of his clothes out of the drawers and wiping said poop in pants, etc, etc, etc.

The last few days have been miserable! Absolutely miserable! Today, however, is a brand new day! We are going to start a new "thing". Since most of this behavior happens at nap time and bedtime, we're going to just start with that. We'll give him 10 pennies at the start of nap time to put in his pocket. If I come in and see that he is out of bed, he loses a penny. If I come in and he's gotten into something, he loses a penny for getting out of bed and a penny for getting into stuff. If he poops in his pants, he loses a penny. (just a little note here, we don't normally try to correct "accidents" with any form of discipline, etc. However, these are beyond accidents. He has access to the potty and I have never gotten after him for getting out of bed to go potty. ) After every nap time, he gets to put his remaining pennies in a jar. When he fills up the jar, he will be able to do an activity of his choice (we will decide this before we start with the penny stuff. That way he'll know what he's trying to achieve! It'll probably be something Dino related...)

So, that's the plan. E is even coming home today at lunch today to help. I'm just praying that it works.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pool fun

During our recent trip to florida, the weather didn't quite cooperate. The two warmest days were only in the low 70s. I think Monday and Saturday were only forcasted at 70 or 71 (the rest of the days were super cold! but that's another post with different pictures entirely.)
With heated pools and a barrier from wind (the condos were all around the pool) we decided to brave the weather and get outside to swim!
It turned out that, in the sun, it was actually quite comfortable, even boardering on warm. Of course, Isaac wasn't in the sun.
Snuggled up

nap time in the sling

a peek inside

enjoying the water

This part was TOO cold! no heater in here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tidbit tuesday

We're back from our family vacation to Florida. We had a wonderful time. Of course, I now have a list a mile long of things to catch up on. So, in the spirit of lists, here's a list of tidbits:

  • Baby I slept all the way through the night two of the nights we were on vacation! Wow!

  • Baby I hates his car seat more than anything in the world. He screamed a lot Sunday on the way home.

  • I am now proficient at car seat nursing.

  • I have a bruise on my right rib from said car seat nursings.

  • Baby I was held almost our entire trip. He seems to be going through a little withdrawal today. I tried to lay him down for his nap and he cried. I picked him up and he zonked out.

  • On our trip I nursed: in the car, at a gas station, in several McDonalds, at Dinsey world, in Cheesecake factory, during dinner at Bahama Breeze, hmm.... I could go on and on. I've come along way from the woman who said she'd never nurse in public. (bwaahahaha! the things we say before we have children!)

  • I love the look on a little girl's face when she sees Cinderella at Disney world. Especially our little girl. We went the entire day with out seeing O's two favorite princesses, Cinderella and Ariel. We were walking out of the park during the parade, and O was SO upset that we hadn't seen them. As we were walking, though, we saw Ariel then Cinderella on her coach. O's face was just priceless! So sweet!

  • Bahama Breeze has the YUMMIEST food! oh, the mashed sweet potatoes were to die for!

  • The Cheese Cake Factory wasn't bad, either. E and I split a Thai dish since most of the other dishes had some kind of dairy in them.

  • Going out for ice cream just isn't the same when you can't eat ice cream.

  • O had a major case of the gimmies at the World of Disney store. Sheesh! I can't tell you how many times I had to tell her that we were just looking!

  • E and I shared a bedroom with all three kids while we were there. I can't tell you how glad I was to get back home and reclaim my bed! Of course, one of the babes still sleeps with us, but at least I don't have a sleep talker laying next to me anymore!

  • I have about 5 loads of clean laundry sitting on my bedroom floor. I need to fold, fold, and fold some more!

  • O's 5th birthday was yesterday. I can't believe she's 5!'

  • I have so much to do today, that i can't even type all the things I want to type!

Okay, I'm off to get things done! I'll be back soon with some pictures from our vacation and from O's big day!