Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Isaac is TWO!


I am writing this the day before your second birthday.  Today reminded me so much of the same day two years ago.  The weather was so similar, (warm, breezy, sunny) and as we all took a walk, I couldn't help but remember the walk I took when that day when I was in labor with you.  I talked with you on that day, telling you to come out and join us.

I can remember your birth so vividly (sometimes more than I can even Eliza's birth. Maybe because your birth was so long.)  Its hard to believe that 24 months have gone by since that amazing day.  Not only do you get cuter every day, you've done a lot of other amazing things in one year!

in the last year you have:
  • started and graduated speech therapy.  You went from "babbling" at 15 months, to being well above where you needed to be with the amount of words at 20 months. My favorite part of this?  You learned how to say "mommy" and "I love you." Swoon.
  • you weaned. It was quite sad for me, as your mommy.  I had hoped to continue our nursing relationship until you were at least two.  However, when I was 6 months pregnant with your baby sister, there just wasn't enough milk for your liking.
  • stared "school".  You love mother's morning out, (and so do I!) and your teachers dote on you. 
  • became a big brother!  I can't believe how well you've done with your new role.  I expected some jealousy, maybe even some acting out towards Eliza.  However, you've been super!  You are a big helper to me, and love to "hold her.  Hold E-wi-wi, mommy."
  •  started throwing tantrums.  Its to be expected.  You ARE two, after all.
  • gained 6 pounds!  Woah!  You weighed 18lbs at a year, and you weigh 24 lbs now.  Way to grow, buddy!
  • you had tubes.  These were a life saver in a turbulent ocean.  Seriously.  I think you'd write your ENT a long thank you letter if you could , you know, write and stuff.
  • lost some of that baby look. :(  Mainly because of all of the teeth you have now!
  • moved into a big boy bed.  You went straight from the crib into sharing a room with A in a bunk bed.  Its rough at times, especially since you get up so early, but you love being close to Bubba.
  • Learned all of your animal sounds.  Your favorite: the elephant.
  • Stopped screaming in the car.  this was a welcomed accomplishment by all who ride with us.
You've had an amazing year.  I'm so glad that God gave us you, Zeke.  Happy birthday!

p.s. here's your birthday video. :)

and, if you want to see last year's birthday video, its here.


    The Workman Family said...

    Aww, I loved the video! The video at the end was too cute!! happy 2nd to Zeke!

    Stacey said...

    Happy happy day to your littlest baby boy!!!

    Stacey said...

    Love the video; music choice is a fave. Now I feel completely inadequate as a "blogging" mother since I just got L's post up about her allergist update (nearly a month later) and still haven't posted her two year. There will be no video for hers. I'll go ahead and put that out there. ;)