Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Because she's cute

I haven't had time to blog lately, as I'm sure you can tell.  Between O's FTT repeat diagnosis, following blood tests, dietitian appointments, and anxiety therapy (which, as a total aside, can I send a bill to the parents of a child in my daughter's class for more therapy?  because we were about to get released, then she started picking on O during recess, which caused her anxiety to kick up into high gear again.  Y'all, I know the mom.  I'm this [ ] close to sending her the bill with an attached note to ask her daughter to please be kind, or at least not overly hurtful.) plus Eliza's doctor appointments, and now GI appointments, and probably allergist appointments, my dentist appointments, the kids dentist appointments.

Plus school.  Plus dance.  Plus swim.  Plus groceries and homework and housework and running and weight watchers and getting ready for my brother's wedding and and and and LIFE.

Surely this will slow down this summer.  Right?

Well, I have blog posts in mind.  That will likely never actually make it to my blog.  Because of life.  But, pictures.  Well, I'll keep posting those.  Because, let's face it, I'd be doing a disservice to the world by not posting this cuteness.


Mommy Attorney said...

She is adorable!

Have they found any answers for O? Anxiety maeks me lose weight, so it may have a similar effect on her. Sorry to hear about her being picked on. Yuck.

Sarah said...

There's a little girl on Addy's club soccer team (the only other six year old- everyone else is seven and eight) who consistently picks on and undermines her. It bugs me a lot, though Addy doesn't even seem to pick up on it, or mind if she does. I just think this girl's a bit of a bully who found the only safe target on that particular team, i.e. the other kid her own age, and will probably continue picking on her until Adelay DOES start to notice. Because mind you, this is a club team, so they'll theoretically be playing together until HIGH SCHOOL.
So yeah, let me know if billing the other mom works out for you. I might try it too if this keeps up the next few years and causes real problems.

Kristin said...

Why are little kids so mean to each other? It breaks my heart!! That picture of your little girl on the other hand is ADORABLE!!

Ambitious Blonde said...

I hope it slows down!!! I know the feeling. Miss EC is soo cute!