Thursday, April 26, 2012

These kids

This kid.  He's something else, guys.  He's a ham.  He, over night it seemed, starting talking in full sentences pretty much all of the time.  (Which is something, since his older siblings have regressed into talking in one word sentences and grunting when they want things at the table.)  He learned a new word from A, "boobie".  Which is, um, interesting.  (Of course, I couldn't punish A, because he then proceeded to ask me what a "boobie" was. After which O pointed to her chest and said "these little pointy things."  So much for always calling body parts by their real names.  Breasts, people.  BREASTS!)

  Zeke constantly hits his head, though.  Constantly.  He currently has 7 bruises and a carpet burn.  On his head.  Also, the GI doctor thinks his constant pooing is toddler diarrhea.  Which can last until age 5. Fun.stuff. At least its nothing serious.

He's also become very self-efficient.  A few days ago, I didn't come down stairs right away (ahem.  I fell back asleep after E woke me up and left for work.  Note to self- DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES after E wakes you up to get up with the kids.)  He had pushed a chair over to the pantry, got out a tortilla and peanut butter, and was spreading pb over the tortilla.  meanwhile, the big kids were sitting at the table, waiting for me. He was hungry.  He wasn't waiting around.

These big kids have been busy playing outside, enjoying the weather.  O was diagnosed as FTT again, like I mentioned previously in this post.  After 2 weeks trying to increase her calories and protein per the dietitian, the child LOST a pound.  I kid not.  How does that happen?!?  So, now we're trying some protein/meal replacement drinks.  Except, she hates them.  And she cries about how full she is and she doesn't want to drink them anymore.  After 3 nights of that, I went out and bought some Bolthouse Farms chocolate protein drinks.  She doesn't have to drink as much (4oz versus 8 oz) and they don't taste like glucose drinks.

Then there's this kid.  She is so fun.  But, not at night.  When she's not fun.  Rather, she's anti-fun and, apparently, anti-sleeping-alone.  She takes stellar naps, alone, in her sleeper.  But, the past week has been terrible for night time sleep. Boo. 

We had our appointment with the GI yesterday.  He told us, (wait for this information, its totally NEW information,) she's allergic to dairy.  (See!  I told you.  Totally NEW information and not information we've suspected since December.)  The appointment wasn't a total bust.  I did sneak in two questions about O and I, which he happily answered.  Score! 

However, for miss Eliza, there's not a whole lot more I can do for her besides avoid dairy protein.  We'll probably get around to starting food here before too long.  We were waiting to make sure she wasn't allergic to soy or something funky.  The GI just said to make sure to only introduce one food at a time, with sufficient wait time in between foods, since she has more of a risk of other allergies because of her dairy allergy, and to wait until she's 6 months old.  Check there, good buddy.  Frankly, I'm thinking about waiting until 8 months.  I'm pretty sure I don't want her to be eating real people food on our trip to PA next month.  I don't want to hassle with that.  Because I don't want to.  Because I'm not sure she's ready.

To end, I am going to shamelessly ask you to vote for miss Eliza.  Because you love me, and/or you think she's cute. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Because she's cute

I haven't had time to blog lately, as I'm sure you can tell.  Between O's FTT repeat diagnosis, following blood tests, dietitian appointments, and anxiety therapy (which, as a total aside, can I send a bill to the parents of a child in my daughter's class for more therapy?  because we were about to get released, then she started picking on O during recess, which caused her anxiety to kick up into high gear again.  Y'all, I know the mom.  I'm this [ ] close to sending her the bill with an attached note to ask her daughter to please be kind, or at least not overly hurtful.) plus Eliza's doctor appointments, and now GI appointments, and probably allergist appointments, my dentist appointments, the kids dentist appointments.

Plus school.  Plus dance.  Plus swim.  Plus groceries and homework and housework and running and weight watchers and getting ready for my brother's wedding and and and and LIFE.

Surely this will slow down this summer.  Right?

Well, I have blog posts in mind.  That will likely never actually make it to my blog.  Because of life.  But, pictures.  Well, I'll keep posting those.  Because, let's face it, I'd be doing a disservice to the world by not posting this cuteness.