Monday, February 11, 2013

Please and "daint do"

O's growth hormone medicine came on Thursday night.  In two gigantic boxes.  It freaked O (and, to be honest, myself) out a little to see such big boxes. 

Luckily, this is the actual medicine.  Four tiny boxes, to last us a month.  The rest was refrigerant and supplies (needles, sharps box, alcohol wipes, etc.)  

These four tiny boxes?  They cost $1,500. No. Joke.

The home health nurse is coming after school today to teach O, E, and I how to give the injections.  O will have to learn for things like sleep overs eventually, so we're going to have the nurse teach her how to do it tonight.  

O is nervous.  She keeps saying "I like the size I am.  I don't want to grow. " 

The other tiny girl in the family has been cracking us up lately with her please and "daink you"s.  She's been saying "thank you" for things she really wants, and likely means "please."  She was signing "thank you" like crazy. Of course, I couldn't get her to say it on video until the very end. ;)


Devan said...

I hope the home health nurse visit goes well! I'm sure it's scary for O (and probably you guys too) but I hope it goes as smoothly as possible. Prayers!!

Dawn said...

Awe I hate needles. Hope the home visit went well.