Thursday, May 27, 2010

Highs and Lows

thought I might do an update post of sorts- but with highs and lows of our trip and my birthday.

  • Stopping several times on the way up to Michigan. Twice at zoos, and once over night in a hotel.
  • Spending awesome time with my family.
  • Going to a wedding with E, with just Zeke, and it almost felt like a date!
  • I had a perfect margarita at said wedding reception. ah. So. yummy!
  • I got a chance to visit with one of my cousins. Its always wonderful to catch up with her. I love family!
  • Seeing my baby brother.
  • Going to some garage sales with my parents. Fun times, indeed!
  • I was SO good! At church, at the wedding and reception, with my parents, etc.
  • Getting a $30 hr long massage from someone who goes to my parent's church. Awesome!
  • Walking along the Detroit river. Its nice to be around water. :)
  • Opening birthday gifts from my parents and brother. I got a waffle maker, a griddle, and sheets. I see some breakfast making in my future.
  • My MIL rode back to Alabama with us (she hitched a ride up a few days before us). She got to be the referee instead of me!
  • My birthday yesterday was wonderful. E brought home a chocolate cake from Costco, diet coke, and flowers. *swoon* he knows the way to my heart.
  • Opening my gifts from my IL's. A gift card to Clarks to buy some new shoes! woot!
  • Zeke has been sleeping so well since we got back.

  • O getting sick, coughing like crazy, and almost having to take her to urgent care for ear pain.
  • I'm still sick. Going on almost 2 weeks.
  • Getting very little sleep due to little mister sleeping on my chest all night, almost every night.
  • A didn't nap well, and was very sleep deprived. He doesn't handle sleep-deprived well.
  • The trip seemed so short. I hate that.
  • I already miss my parents.
  • Zeke cried almost the entire way home on Tuesday. Fun times were NOT had by all.
  • I gained weight on my trip. Ugh.
  • I started my period yesterday. First one since having I. On my birthday. Kind of sucks.
  • I'm 28. I know its not "old", but it feels old to think that I graduated from high school 10 years ago.

Well, that concludes this past week's highs and lows. Thankfully, I thought of a lot more highs than lows. I like weeks like that. :)