Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sleep begets sleep

If I ever doubted that over-tired babies wake up more often at night, I was a PER-fect example last night.

E and I went to a wedding and reception yesterday. The wedding started at 2, with the reception not scheduled to start until 6 pm. Since the wedding was an hour away from my parents (where we are currently staying right now) we opted to take the little mister with us. I didn't feel like pumping, etc on vacation, (and you just can't pump in public as discretely as you can nurse. :) ) The little mister was FABulous! He was SO good. So sweet, and just about the life of the party. All of the ladies were loving on him (most of them at our table don't have kids, yet) and gushing over him.

I does okay with sleeping in public. Not great, but he will still go to sleep in my pocket sling or other carriers if we need him too. Of course, he doesn't sleep for long periods of time, though. He took a few naps yesterday in the pocket sling. Maybe 6 or 7 cat naps.

Last night was, well, miserable. Absolutely miserable. We got in around 12 (for a nursing mother who's baby still gets up in the middle of the night, it was TOO late!) he woke up at least 10 times. At least. Not to mention the crying jag between 4-5 am where I couldn't get him back to sleep.

So, lesson learned. Even an even-keeled baby gets cranky and wakes up a lot in the middle of the night when he misses all of his naps. I'm hoping his 4 hr nap today will help him get back on track tonight. especially since its probably going to be another late night. (you know... LOST i s on..)

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