Thursday, September 16, 2010

un solicited advice

Hey y'all (Trying to dip into my culture around here a bit more. I think that is how you write it.  Since its short for "you all" you would put the apostrophe after the "y", right?  Although, I think I've seen it written like "ya'll" but that would be short for "ya all".)  I'm in need of some ideas.  For several things.

1. A gentle approach to getting the baby to sleep better at night.  When he was 6 months old, he was sleeping from 7am to 5am.  Then, we went on a vacation, and we've been screwed ever since.  Last night, he got up 3 times between 9:00 and 6:00.  We've tried a bit of crying, but it is just NOT working for this little fellow (or his mommy, if I'm honest.)  I have read several sleep books, especially since my big kids had sleep regressions around the same age, but I either can't remember the ideas or they are not for us. 

The most recent book I read was the one where you stay in the room then gradually move out every night.  But, the way you get started is to disassociate nursing with sleeping.  Which we did.  He goes to sleep fine on his own now for naps and bedtime.  However, he is still waking in the middle of the night.  I have tried to not nurse him in the middle of the night, and it ends in tears for us all.  I'm fairly positive that he does not NEED to eat, but I'm also certain that he THINKS he needs to eat. 

Really, I haven't been super motivated to do anything in the middle of the night until last week.  If I didn't have two other children running around, I probably would just wait it out.  However, I am starting to feel like I'm cheating the big kids out of some things (mainly patience) because I'm so tired.  Especially A, since he's with me during the day. 

2.  I need help with some running issues.  I started running a few months back.  I was just running on the treadmill as part of my workout.  However, I started a few weeks ago doing the Couch to 5K program (though, we skipped a few weeks because I wasn't starting from the couch.)  My goal is to be ready to run a 5K by Halloween.  There really aren't any races around then, but I am going to register for a local Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving day. 

Anyway, my issue is that my right leg often hurts when I run (as does my knee, but that's an older issue from other sports.)  I definitely think it started because of my shoes.  They were old, and not very "good" running shoes.  So, I did a bunch of research.  I tried to figure out what running style/gait I have.  It turns out I underpronate and I have high arches.  So, I researched shoes for those issues. 

I took my list of "good" shoes and hit the stores.  I found one pair off my list.  One.  I tried them on, they seemed comfy.  I went for a run in them yesterday and my leg hurt worse than when I was wearing my other shoes.  So, my question is, do I try to run in my shoes again?  Could it just be because they are new?  Or, do I take them back and search for another pair?  Thoughts?  Advice?

3.What does one wear to a 10 year high school reunion?  I'm not a fashionista.  I mean, its not like I ever wear sweat pants to the store (or that I even own a "true" pair of sweatpants with the tight cuffs at the bottom...) but I am more into comfort and durability than I am fashion.  I always like to look good, and I think it would be fun to buy lots of new things.  However, we have 3 kids.  3 Kids= funds.  Its just a reality.

So, I first need just a general idea of how fancy pancy to go.  Church garb?  Wedding attire? (for a guest.  obviously not in the wedding party.) I have a few ideas for possible outfits, but I need a direction first.

Also, any spanx users?  Worth it? 

I guess three things is enough for today.  I need to go get I, (who is now getting into everything, including crawling up the stairs super duper fast), from getting into the bathroom.  Because, that just leads to playing in the toilet water. I'm pretty sure I don't need advice on whether or not he should do that. :)


Heidi said...

I can't help with the major questions, but Target has cheap Spanx and I love them! They are so wonderful and I feel much trimmer when I cram myself into the shorts. I have the kind that is a pair of shorts but the waist band comes up to my bra. Very smoothing on my tummy, which is my biggest problem area.

Heidi said...

Oh - I think the Target ones are called Assets and are made by the same company that makes Spanx.

LG said...

I don't know anything about Assets (though I'll definitely check them out next time I'm there!), but I have a couple pair of Spanx...also the shorts kind that has the high waist just below the bra-line...and 300% they are worth it. They are the only smoothing/slimming garment that I've ever used that has an openning between the legs...which I'm sure you can see the benefit in that!!! And I'm not talking adult novelty store crotchless undergarment type's more similar to men's/boy's underwear where the fabric sort of overlaps to create a "gap" when needed, but is "closed" when not needed.

Mommy Attorney said...

I can help you with 1 and 3. What worked for us was to make Dad do all of the nighttime going back to sleep. Dad = no food.

For 3, I wore a black button down shirt, a black and white skirt that I got at Talbot's (as a birthday present from my grandmother) and a cute necklace. You can look on facebook for some pictures. D wore a shirt/tie/slacks. As for Spanx, yes worth it. I've tried knockoffs and they haven't worked for me (but I haven't tried Target) It could be the way I'm shaped, but the knockoffs always rolled down. Spanx stayed in place.

Birdie said...

I don't know about Spanx, but I wear Assets from Target. Love them! They're especially great under a dress or skirt that's a little thin. They make everything look very smooth and firm!