Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quotes from people I know (just in the past week)

A few from my 10 year high school reunion:

"When I'm finally ready to have a baby, will you carry it for me?  I don't want to get fat."

"Tracy has a butt-load of kids."

"You want MORE kids?  why?" (I'm really just greedy.)

"Three kids is definitely one too many."

"I love Western Medicine too much to have a natural child-birth."  (this one still baffles me...  How about you just say you wanted an epidural because childbirth hurts like the dickens.  Let's be honest.)

"You're still nursing?"

A few from this week:

"You breastfed your son for HOW long?" (I rarely even mention this unless directly asked.  I got tired of the remarks.)

"I don't feel comfortable whipping out my boobs in public like you." (Sure.  I whip them out.  Really, I do.  But, they are under-cover whippings.)

"I'll never give my baby a pacifier!  They are disgusting!" ( *cough*  Did you say "I'll never?"  Hmmm.. interesting.)

"I don't like you, I don't love you."  (This one came in a sing-songy, chirpy voice from O to A.)

"Miss Linda just gave up.  She doesn't work at school anymore." (A was meaning she quit.)

"Isaac talks in Forte, not Piano."

"daaa daaa dooooo daaa, dada!  GAAAAACK"  (that one's from Isaac.  Just because I felt I had to be fair. The gacking is when he gets mad.)


Erin said...

Girl, I totally understand! Rarely anyone understands why I am so into natural childbirth and breastfeeding. I nursed William until he was 14 months- and I overlapped being pregnant with Madelyn and nursing William for a month. I don't want to know what people would have said if I was showing while nursing him! haha

Mommy Attorney said...

All of these comments are crazy in one way or another, but since when is 3 kids a "buttload?" I mean, yeah it's more than 2, but really?

Oh, and if someone is worried about having kids making them get fat... they shouldn't have kids. Your body is just the first thing of many things you sacrifice for your kids.

Devan said...

omg - that first one would make me want to hit the person who said it.

If 3 kids is one too many I guess I'm in trouble...