Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I was a runner before

No, not really.  But, I was on the track team.  For about 2 weeks. 

See, our school was kind of small.  In fact, I think my graduating class had 52 people.  For some less popular sports, like track, we didn't have try outs.  We were often hurting for people so bad that we often had to combine with other small schools to compete. 

That's what happened with the track team my senior year.  Some friends convinced me that it would be super fun to run track.  You know, stay in shape after cheerleading, etc.  I thought, "what the heck.  I can run, right?" 

I joined the track team.  First practice- run 3 miles.  Ummm....  what?  All I own are cheerleading shoes.  Did I mention I walked the mile in gym class?  You want me to RUN 3 miles?  Run right now?

As you can imagine, I fell behind quickly.  After one mile, we passed by the subdivision where I lived.  Instead of continuing on, I went home and collapsed on the floor in a heap, trying to catch my ragged breath.  I peeled off my Asic's and swore that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I would run further.  I'll run 3 miles tomorrow with no problems.

Tomorrow came and went, and I went right to my house again, ready, I thought, to die.  I couldn't breath, and I had blisters all over my feeet.  The track coach got a clue, (I think) and thought I might be better in sprinting.  I was to run in a relay.

Race day came, and I was sick (later, I found out, with bronchitis).  I still hadn't been trained, and I still hadn't been able to run more than a mile.  During the race, I got dizzy, closed my eyes, and passed out.

You know, I never really liked running after that. 

Here's me and my team

I still can't say that I love running, since I really have to psych myself up to get out there.  Sometimes I get really bored and sometimes its super hard.  But, I do occasionally enjoy it now.

 I ran my first 5k on Sunday.  I didn't die.  I didn't come in last.  I even passed other runners!  The difference between these 3 miles and the 3 miles of yester year?  Training my friends, training.  It seems so simple now, doesn't it?  But, as a young 17 year old, I thought I could conquer anything, including a 3 mile run with out any preparation.  What a silly girl I was.

me on Sunday before the race

almost to the finish line!

The race was exciting, fun, and definitely worth it (although I struggled with some major anxiety before I got to the race.)  I was completely proud of myself for running the entire thing (I had been running 3 miles at home, but I was never sure on exact distances.)  Now that I have one of those 5ks under my belt, I may work up to a 10k.  It'll be a while.  But, its a far cry from that girl who stopped running when she passed her house on a track team run.  A far cry, indeed.


Devan said...

I am laughing at you running to your house during track. Hysterical!!!! Love it. :)
Way to go on the 5k!!

Sarah said...

That's awesome! Congratulations.