Thursday, December 9, 2010

this is what happens when you don't blog for a long time

You end up with a bullet post.  Like this.

*I'm currently eating popcorn.  I'm starving, but I'm trying to "save myself" for all the goodies I'll be having later tonight at a Christmas party.  Popcorn (the low fat kind) is basically like eating air, caloric wise.  But, it gives my mouth something to do.

*We bought our first ever fake Christmas tree this year.  I didn't really want to fight with Isaac about eating pine needles.  It just isn't worth it.   I got a super deal on Black Friday on new tree at Home Depot. So super, that if we decide to throw it away after this year, we'll still be spending less then on a live Christmas tree. 

*O lost a tooth a few weeks ago, and is about ready to loose another!  She looks stinking cute.

*O is a woman after my own heart.  We sent her to school yesterday with $4 for the "penguin patch", a little store where they pick out gifts for family members.  She bought one for each of us, and 3 for herself.

*I've lost weight recently.  From running, or eating right- I'm not sure which.  But, I'm down to a weight I haven't been since before O.  Of course, it feels like it mostly came off my breasts and thighs.  Two places I was fine with before I lost weight.  Can I make a request for the next few pounds to be off my stomach, please? 

*I hate the cold.  Not new news, but still true.

*Isaac's birthday is in 6 days.  SIX DAYS! 

*E's 30th birthday is in 6 days!  When did HE get so old?

*I's heading to the ENT at the end of this month from all of his ear infections and sinus infections.  Fun times.  I'm hoping they have answers for us about his speech. 

*A told his friend today, "I can run as fast as a hyena!"  Two nights ago, we were talking before bed.  He was rambling on and on about whatever was popping into his brain.  One minute, we were talking about God.  The next, he was talking about daddy growing a beard, and how he might not be able to talk if it was over his "wips".  He cracks me up.

*We didn't buy the big kids one toy this year for Christmas.  They don't use the ones they have, and they'll get plenty from the Grands.

*Can I just take a second to mention how happy I am that we will not be traveling to Michigan for Christmas?  I'm SO HAPPY!  My parents are coming down here, so we'll still get to see my family.  But, we won't have to do that drive, with that baby of ours who likes to scream in the car seat.  He still hates it.  Just as much as he did when he was 2 months old.  Except now, he can scream louder and longer.

*I don't think companies should require people to travel in the month of December.  Especially men with 3 children and a wife at home.  Just saying...

*I have the baby itch.  its bad.  Really bad.


Dawn said...

LOL the baby itch!! I went to meet a 2 day old today & starting talking to my hubby about when we'll try again. He thought I was nuts!!

Andrea said...

Ditto on no business travel in December :)

Have a wonderful holiday at HOME!

d e v a n said...

So true. NO travel in December!!