Sunday, April 17, 2011

The things on my mind

Two things have been prevalent on my mind this weekend.  One, is pretty minor, but comes with weird fears.  The other, well, its sort of major, I guess.

The first- I have my first dental "work" appointment in over 10 years tomorrow morning.  I have 3 cavities that have to be filled. Unfortunately, I've put them off for a while, (one time I cancelled because I chickened out, the next time because the RE didn't want me to have any work done until I was out of my first trimester. Which, as a total aside, I will be out of tomorrow. woot!)  I have this weird fear that its going to hurt really bad.  I mean, I've had stuff done before.  In fact, one of the cavities is simply a place where an old filling fell out.  But, its been so long that a little fear has set in, I guess.  I have even been dreaming about it the last few nights.  Logically, I know its not a big deal.  Emotionally, I have a sick feeling in my tummy.  I don't want to go!

The second- I have my Nuchal Fold scan on Tuesday morning at 11:30 CST.  I wasn't really all that nervous about it until yesterday.  I started to get a little concerned that it seems like I haven't grown much, belly wise, in several weeks.  It seemed like I bloomed rather quickly in the uterus department, and now there hasn't been much change.  Of course, I'm concerned that this means there is a problem.  I'm sure its fine.  (again, the logic part of me tries to reason with the emotional part.)  But, there's always this little voice in my head that says things can always go wrong.  The trick is trying to take that little voice and make the best of my life, versus sulking in fear.  Right?

Anyway, if any of you feel so inclined to say a quick prayer for me for my NT scan on Tuesday, that would be so great.  As for the dentist tomorrow, I plan to take a muscle relaxer before I go. (just teasing... I think.)


Kelly said...

Praying, Tracy! I'm sure the dental work will go smoothly. Make sure you explain your stress and anxiety before and they should be extra careful and cautious for you and ask them to talk to you as much as possible - it always helps to have an idea of what is coming next, noises to expect, etc! I am the same way and I always feel better afterward and realized I didn't have too much to worry about. I had minimal dental care as a child and in high school & college had to have an insane amount of work done. It was very anxiety inducing, but it all went smoothly!

On the scan...I totally understand your worry. If it helps, know that I had the same thing happen - I also am feeling a ton better which has me worried, too, even though everyone says I should just be thankful. I will have my scan in another week, too, and I am trying to stay calm and worry free, but I have that little voice, too, in the back of my head. Trying to have faith.

Thinking of you!

d e v a n said...

I hope the dental work goes well. If it helps, I had to have several fillings done after not having any since I was a child and I was surprised by how little I felt in general. It really didn't hurt, so I hope and pray your experience is the same.

As for the scan- major prayers!! I thought your belly looked a little rounder, in a good way ;) the other night.

Erin said...

Aww! I will definitely be praying for you, girl! I definitely want more babies, but I'm not ready for all the worry that comes with it quite yet. It's almost like it's 10 months of holding your breath until that baby takes it's first. Praying your nerves are calmed and you have abundant peace!


Susan said...

Tracy--the way you're growing is actually completely typical of someone having her 3rd-or-4th(-or-more) baby; it's really common to sort of "explode" at the beginning and then for growth to level off for a bit while the baby sort of catches up to your all-too-eager uterus. =) In fact, 3rd+ time moms are often concerned about twins at this time (if they haven't had an ultrasound), but we don't take fundal height measurements too seriously until after 20-or-so weeks, because nearly everyone measures "big" before then, and then has leveled off by that point.

Nonetheless, I'll be thinking of you Tuesday! We'll be getting our first (probably our only, before the birth) glimpse of our #4 *next* Tuesday!

Kristin said...

Praying for you Tracy!!

Leza said...

I am definately praying for your scan. I will ve with u in prayer tomorrow as u go in for your fears and babies health. The dentist is no biggie! It will go well and fast. Just feel that baby the whole time ;)

Stacey said...

Praying for you girl.

I know I don't know you that well but you seem VERY STRONG and I am sure you will prevail with the dental work!!

Paulina said...

Praying everything goes great with your scan! Have a blessed day!