Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Zekester

Every year, while E and I were dating, E's parents would celebrate his half-birthday (today).  They'd go all out and actually give him presents.  I always made fun of him, telling him he was spoiled (I still hold this opinion.  maybe not spoiled, but he got away with a lot.)  Of course, I went along with it.  Even contributed to the celebration.

It wasn't until a year into our relationship that I learned why.  E's sister's birthday was on HIS half birthday.  When they were growing up, his parents always gave E one gift to open on his sister's birthday and his sister got one gift to open in his birthday (which was her half birthday).  When E's sister died, they continued the tradition of giving him gifts on his half-birthday.

Of course, I can't give E his half-birthday gift today. He's in Dallas.  I'm in Alabama.  (And, really, I'm hoping a clean house and packing for a 2 week trip for 4 of the 5 of us is gift enough this year.)  But, I can give another certain half-birthday boy some loving today. 

It's mister I's half birthday.  He's 18 months today.  Today may not have gone the way we originally planned (the kid had some serious 'roid rage because of the Prednizone he's on for croup.) but I still would like to think he enjoyed himself.  In fact, he even got ice cream for dinner.  A rare treat.

As far as updates go, he still isn't talking.  We're on month 3 of speech therapy and have seen only a little improvement.  His therapist and I talked at his last session about bumping his therapy up to two times a month, instead of one.  What he can say is quite amusing- to him.  I ask him to say "mama" and he says "dada" and laughs.  Way to snub momma, Zeke.

What he lacks in words, he makes up in receptive skills.  The kid is smart.  I'm starting to think he may be faking this speech thing (totally kidding...sort of.) We can't mention the word "outside" with out him running to the closet, getting into the shoe bin, and pulling out his shoes.  He always tries to put them on, which is always good for a laugh, (and is super-duper cute.)  If his night time cup isn't full of water at bedtime, I say to him "don't fuss, I'm going to go fill up your cup" and he just sits there waiting for me to come back.  He definitely knows what I'm saying.

Speaking of bedtime, he's still hit or miss on the sleeping through the night deal.  Though, lately, his been more hit than miss (thankfully!)  Oddly enough, when I put him in the pack and play to "get used to it" for our trip, he started sleeping longer in the morning.  Hmmmm....  Maybe pack and play sleeping from now on. 

I would bore you with more details, such as how he's using a fork and spoon, and loves to brush his teeth, but E's calling from Dallas.  He's on the night shift, so we have to work out our schedules in order to talk. I'm off to talk to him and have him fill in my breaths with "uh-huh" and "oh".  Night, y'all.

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d e v a n said...

uh-huh. HAHAHA!

Happy half birthday (late) to E & I!