Friday, June 24, 2011


Garage sales in Michigan, where we are visiting my parents, draw a much different crowd than they do down at home.  At home, it seems as if only those who are vastly interested in things to hoard frequent the sales.  You know the type.  The ones hauling around trucks, completely full of junk, pulling a trailer filled with the same.  (Not that I'm not up for a bargain.  I am.  I just can't possibly understand the need to fill the back of a truck AND a trailer with other people's things.  How can you possibly NEED all of that stuff.)

Back to my point.  Visiting a subdivision garage sale is a little more fun here near my parents.  Lots of kids things, in very good condition.  For $4.25 I got quite a few goodies. 

The breakdown:

$1.25 Addidias warm up outfit for O for the fall. 

$1.00 for four board books for Zeke.  Two of them were ones with sound (and both of them worked!)
                       (not sure what happened to this picture. sorry!)

$2.00 for two pairs of shoes for Zeke.  One for right now- they are a pair from BRU that look brand new!

The second pair was a super good deal. Here's a new pair just like them, but in a darker brown for $23.95 plus shipping. I paid $1. Not bad, huh?

O and A also spent a $1 each on various toys.  A's toy probably had $1 worth of batteries in it.

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