Friday, November 11, 2011

A bullet

  • My door bell rang at 2:00 pm with a "Happy November" gift for E and I.  The newest Harry Potter movie!  Woot! (and, my E is a teeeeny bit of a nerd.  he and his, also nerdy, college roommate refer to it as HPTDH2)
  • I am attending a baby shower tonight.  Honoring Eliza and several other friends and babies.  I hope it will be fun.
  • I'm eating peanut butter on saltines.  I'd eat it right out of the jar right now, but that some how seems pathetic.  So, I basically put it on air with calories.
  • I am drinking a home made salted carmel hot chocolate.  Double yum!  (Thanks, D!)
  • E just brought in a tiny little flag and A said "Hey daddy!  Where'd you get that president's flag?" hehe
  • I took all four kids to Babies R Us today.  We all made it back alive, and with all of our shoes, purses, hair things, so I guess that constitutes a good trip.
  • Eliza has been gagging on her pacifier.  I've been trying to find one she'll take with out gagging.  No luck so far.
  • Salted Carmel hot chocolate is a little salty at the bottom.  Note to self: must stir better next time.
  • Isaac is just hilarious.  I can't believe, sometimes, that this is the kid that didn't talk 5 months ago or the kid that FOREVER. 
  • I think I'm ordering these towels for some Christmas gifts.
  • A is all about bad guys/good guys right now.  He used his allowance money to buy a mini nerf gun at Toys R Us.  He cracks me up with his, "I'm going to use it to shoot bad guys, mommy."
  • It's insanely hard to type with a 22 month old (okay, ALMOST 23 month old) demanding "ore cackers, mommy!" But, it's cute to hear "ank you mommy."
  • BRU wouldn't accept my return of NB sized pampers diapers.  So, sorry, Eliza.  You're going to have to squeeze those sweet thunder thighs in them.  (Oddly enough, she fits in the huggies NB's just peachy.)

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Stacey said...

Recipe for the homemade salted caramel hot chocolate please! Be nice not to burn a hole through my purse this winter. :)