Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boo to the shizzle

May is turning out to be a hectic month.  (Though, I'm starting to maybe think just having 4 kids makes *any* month hectic.)  We have our anniversary, Mother's day, MIL's birthday, and my birthday.  Those are just the usual suspects. 

This May, we have additional items to add.  Recital for O's dance, (which includes rehearsal) end of the year school festivities (really.  a tiny rant.  why not allow parents with siblings to come to OUTDOOR activities.  Clearly space is not an issue.  You are guaranteeing we won't be able to come to anything. sigh.)  and, oh, a little trip to PA for my baby brother's wedding. 

So, we've been busy.  Eliza isn't getting her appropriate naps, and I feel terrible.  But, whatcha going to do?  She's #4.  You gotta roll with it, babykins.  Her baby calendar is still on April and hasn't been updated since her 6 month check up at the doctor (shhhh...  don't mention to her that she's going to be 7 months on Friday.  I don't want her to remember and turn 7 months.)  Her scrapbook is still in progress via her birth page.  I haven't gone through her clothes in ages, so sometimes when E goes to put her jammies on (aka: a onesie) sometimes they are entirely too small. But, my children are fed, loved, and mostly clean.  (Save for A.  Who is always dirty. He actually got a shirt completely covered in peanut butter this morning before 6:30am.) 

We've moved A into O's room (moved his mattress to the floor of her room) for two reasons.  1. A has been waking Isaac up at 5:15 every morning.  and 2. The bigger two kids have been fighting so much that we thought we should give them a chance to secretly be disobedient together bond in the evenings after we've put them to bed.  Last night was a success.  I could hear them whispering quietly, telling each other about their days.  It was sweet.  Plus, Isaac slept in until 5:45 (yes.  I said SLEPT IN.) 

There was desperation in this strategic move.  Both numbered problems were really quite uncontrolled.  Especially the fighting.  But, especially the waking up early. (Simpsons anyone?)  In all seriousness, if you saw the 2 older kids together at our house on a daily basis, you'd think they hated each other.  Which, in all fairness, I think is sometimes an accurate assessment.  Its. terrible.  Some one suggested having them say 5 nice things about each other when they start fighting.  Know what my kids did?  Started FIGHTING about WHO GOT TO SAY THE COMPLIMENTS FIRST!  ("that was MY idea!"  "but, I was going to say that!")  So, yeah.  Boo to the shizzle. 

I figured sometimes enemies can become friends when they have a common enemy.  Which would be me.  Or the evil quietness of bedtime.  Either way, it seemed to work well last night.  We'll see how tonight goes.

With that thought, I will end this blog post.  My almost 7 month old 6 month old is awake and gently cooing my name, (which I've changed to "ohhhh. Nananana" to suit this purpose.)

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d e v a n said...

Yeah, I think every month is just hectic with 4 kids. lol