Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You think you've got it, oh you think you've got it

(But got it just don't get it till' there's nothing at all)

Planning is good.  Especially when you're planning for a 12hr (probably 16 hr) drive and a 9 day hotel stay for a wedding in a few weeks. 

One of my plans for that trip was to bring Eliza's rock and play sleeper instead of her pack and play. First of all, its SO much easier than a pack and play to set up and take down.  (It folds up with one hand!) Plus, it has that perfect reflux-baby incline.  Which is hard to achieve in the pack and play (or crib for that matter.) 

Plus, Eliza looks so darn sweet in it, no?  Ugh.  That top picture tugs at my heart uterus. I mean, she was still in the count-by-days-old days. *sigh* 

However, babies have this annoying way of changing things up.  Usually at the WORST times, too.  So, to refresh, I was planning on taking this lovely thing to PA for our trip later this month.  She already sleeps in it for naps and bedtime, so there's no "getting used to it", etc. 

Eliza has had this cough that starts at night and lasts well into the wee hours of the morning (usually 2 or so) and wants to wake up a lot and hang out with me.  I usually just grab her swaddle, and put one hand under her head to lift her up into my bed.  However, this time I couldn't find the back of her head to support.  I realized she had ROLLED OVER in the sleeper! 

Okay, okay.  Deep breaths.  This thing has a buckle.  We can just buckle her in and be done with it.  Except, we can't.  Because she's swaddled. 

I attempted yesterday to NOT swaddle her for naps.  Which she quickly protested in the form of not going to sleep.  So, I gave in and swaddled her and off to dream land she went.

So, I'm at a loss.  If I have to work at unswaddling her, I may as well move her to her crib at the same time.  I'm not up for doing separate transitions.  But, then we have to take the pack and play to PA. 

I know.  I know.  These are LIFE ALTERING DECISIONS!  Okay.  Not really.  Its not a big deal in the grand scheme of life.  But, I have trouble making confident decisions on minor things in life.  (Like choosing running shoes. They're shoes.  I can return them.  "But, what if I chose the wrong pair?!?!?")  These are the things I contemplate for days on end, stressing over minor details. 

Give me big decisions- I'm good at those. 

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Ambitious Blonde said...

I swear kids know to change things at the least desirable times! I feel your pain. I hope you guys can figure something out and you have a good trip!