Thursday, August 1, 2013

Potty training fail

Eliza's been super into "going potty" lately.  Yet, hasn't actually GONE to the potty.  Every morning, I offer "panties or diaper" and she almost always chooses panties.

Yesterday, she didn't want to wear either, and that was okay with me.  She had a wicked rash on her bum from the previous night (she must have pooped before she went to bed, then woke up in the middle of the night.  When I changed her, it was horrible! ) so she was going commando.

I was typing an email when I heard her say, "poop mommy.  See it?" I turned around and did, in fact, see it.  It was just coming out.  In a gallant effort to get her to the potty for a success, I picked her up under the arms and sort of ran towards the bathroom.

I almost made it.  About 1 foot outside the bathroom, the feces fell to the floor.  Then, since I have to follow those darn laws of motion, I stayed in motion and stepped right in it.  Covering the underside of my entire left foot.

Then, thinking she may have to go some more, I lifted her up to the potty.  In doing so, some poo that had not fallen off onto the floor, fell onto my hand.


I think it's official.

I hate potty training.


Devan said...

Ah, motherhood. Isn't it grand?

Emily Barnes said...

I really like your blog! just one question how do you get the cute font you have on your blog?