Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 things

5 things:

1. We are just a few short weeks away from a trip to Disney World.  I would say we are excited, but lately, only some of us have shown interest.  E and I have decided it would be best to have some "practice" walks around the neighborhood, the local trails, and walking to and from school.  That way, when the big week comes, the little legs and bodies are a tiny bit more used to walking and standing for longer periods.  Of course, a few of the children seem to think its a form of torture.  The same children who run down the street with their friends or ride their bikes for hours.  Clearly they have aversions to physical activity. We are missing school, so there's prep work for the older kids.  Requiring that they turn in some work early and do homework that's due that week while doing homework for this week.  I'm sure you can guess how that's going.  But, hey, Disney is the most magical place on earth.  Or, as Jim Gaffigan says, "imagine you're standing in line at the DMV".   Seriously, though, I'm excited!

2.  I used to follow a blog, that was in my reader.  The last time I checked my blog list (which it, admittedly, had been an eternity since I had last checked it.) this particular blog had changed from what it was (a fun, give away blog with etsy listings) to a porno blog.  Here's the thing, I cannot get that blog off my reader!  When I go to my blog lists, its no longer listed there!  Yet, its feed shows up every.dang.time.  What?!?  No, I'm not really interested in that. Thank-you-very-much.

3.  Eliza is a crazy girl when she's tired.  Like, certifiably cray-cray.  She is incredibly naughty and gets into trouble.  My gym's personal trainer hosts a free boot camp three days a week.  The trainer convinced me last week to try it.  Its at an awkward time (8:30) so I always have my little kids.  Last week went great.  The kids played on the other side of the tennis courts on their respective scooters.  Eliza on the three wheeled one and Isaac on the razor.  I didn't go back last week because I had a birth I was at.  Isaac has been asking me every day since then, so I decided to give it a go again today.  I have to throw in here that, in the last week, Eliza has learned how to ride the razor scooter and wants nothing to do with the three wheeled one.  Of course we currently only have one razor.  Today's boot camp, my children fought over who got to ride the razor scooter.  Or, rather, Eliza screamed at Isaac every time it was his turn.  I had to keep taking breaks to deal with them.  On top of that, at one point Eliza lost control of her scooter and ran into the man next to me while he was doing push-ups!  So, not only did I get all sweaty for what amounted to be a 10 minute work out in between children chasing, I also was humiliated and felt terrible for the man next to me.  I think its safe to say that I'm finished with boot camp.  At least until Eliza gets her own razor scooter...

4.  Its been a year since I felt my first super bad knee pains during a run.  A year ago I thought it was a shoe and over-use issue.  Maybe am IT band issue.  Not so much.  A year later, and I'm mostly better pain-wise, but still unable to run.  Its been so emotionally draining.  But, I am enjoying other things more, like boot camp. (Well, until today.)

5.  I always thought that as the children got older, things would get easier around the house.  Things would calm down.  Clearly, I had no idea how older children want to be in activities and how activities are time eaters.  Especially when multiple kids are doing activities, even if its only one each.  Y'all, I thought I used to be tired.  I


Devan said...

2. - I followed that same blog. THAT was a shock when I first saw it! I finally got it unsubscribed in feedly.

5. - I don't think it's ever getting easier.

Sarah said...

I've enjoyed looking around your blog. Have fun on vacation!