Monday, April 20, 2015

Life got busy and I have less to type

I got a notification today that I had 3 comments awaiting moderation.  Honestly, I had kind of forgot about my blog.  Not in a "oh, what's a blog?" kind of way.  More like a "life got so busy, any thoughts I have are usually immediately needed, not stored up for writing" kind of way.  So, maybe not forgot, and more of just "used up".

I've been following this doula group on Facebook lately, and one of their big pushes is to publish blog posts for your business.  I've sort of flittered around with the idea for a few days now.  But, then I would have to start a new blog account and come up with content. Content that I feel confident enough about to put on my business page! (that is the real problem there!)  I would also like to include some of my old posts from this blog, but not all (I don't think prospective clients really need to read about all of the deep, dark, loss stuff that we went through unless they NEED to read it.  Know what I mean?)

Then, there's the time.  I have no idea where to find the time.  Or create the time.  O has two nights of ballet, little E has one night, A has 5 baseball games this week from tuesday to friday!  Plus, I have to get to the gym to stay, you know, healthy and stuff.  We have small group, and I have doula meetings three days this week.  Plus, waiting on two mammas to birth.  I know every one has their "busy", and this is a list of mine.  But, I have been feeling the pull to start doing a little more in the business area of my business. 

Any of you have business blogs?  Any tips?

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