Friday, July 10, 2009

step by step

step by step, we're putting a room we painted back together.

Its a bedroom, as you can tell from the bed that my half-nekkid brother is laying on.

When we painted, Austin HAD to help. He stayed pretty clean this time. Last time he painted, it took him all of 5 seconds to paint his forehead.

If you haven't guessed by now, we painted A's room. Its been the birthday "theme" this year. We painted Olivia's pink for her birthday in march. A requested "dark blue" as his color choice. We ended up painting one wall tan, and the other three blue, just so it wasn't too dark.

Here he is again, climbing up the ladder to look at MiMi.

We, of course, have finished painting and touching up. Yesterday E helped me put up A's letters and a few picture frames. I have a few finishing touches today and then I'll take an "after picture". Its coming together nicely.
I'm also surprised at how I'm moving forward in this pregnancy. I had another OB appointment Wednesday. It was an interesting appointment nurse wise. I've been the OB/RE a lot. A lot, a lot. Lets just say that this nurse didn't impress me. I'll be surprised if she stays on much longer the way she did her job. She was sweet as pie, but got my weight wrong (and I'm not just saying that, either. she didn't come close to balancing the weight in the middle!) and barely found the baby's heart beat. If I didn't have a doppler at home, I'd be pretty peeved that I didn't hear it at that appointment.
I already had my appointment made for my anatomy ultrasound, but it didn't seem as soon until I went to my regular appointment on Wednesday. Now, I'm starting to panic a bit. I'm excited about finding out the gender, but I'm all too aware that this ultrasound is NOT designed for that purpose. Its designed to check out the baby. To make sure that things look normal. To make sure the baby is healthy.
That, folks, is that I'm starting to panic about. See, the thing is, I've read that women who have recurrent miscarriages are more likely to have a baby with abnormalities. (Its under the whole assumption umbrella of "something was wrong with the baby" spiel when you miscarry with out an apparent cause.) Even though my RE said that things looked good, and he didn't suspect any issues to arise, the only thing I can hear is the nurse-practitioner-in-training highly suggesting that I get the Quad Screen done because of my "history".
I'm taking things step by step, day by day (okay, fess up, who used to watch that on TGIF?? I KNOW I'm not the only one) until my ultrasound. I just want to see that precious baby on the screen. I want him/her to be vibrant, healthy, and a girl, happy baby.
Speaking of happy, I sat for about 30 minutes last night, just feeling that little baby bean moving around in my uterus. It was so sweet. For some reason, it really likes it when I sit in the couch with my feet up, and my back reclined a bit. Its definitely the spot where I feel the most movement. I literally didn't want to move for a while, afraid that I'd stop feeling it for a bit. I've felt him/her move before, but never for this long. It was heavenly.


d e v a n said...

Cute pics! Can't wait to see the room!
I've been more nervous than normal about the anatomy scan too this time, I'm not sure why other than my heightened anxiety about almost everything.
I bet it's going to go GREAT though! :)

Chell said...

We started a tradition with my K several years ago with painting her room for Christmas every year. My Mom made a good point that we may end up loosing square footage and have a foot of paint on the walls by the time she moves out! LOL

Can't wait to see the end results!

Erin said...

So glad you and baby are doing well. I've been eager to see how you're doing. When's your scan? You'll be in my prayers, Tracey, for peace and patience....Two things that I can certainly request for myself as well!


buddhaowen said...

Hope your painting project gets completed smoothly-I know how fun those projects around the house can be sometimes. And hang in there with your pregnancy anxiety-you're in my prayers! Can't wait to hear how everything goes!

Chelsa said...

can't wait to see the finished room! i love room redos!

glad your pregnancy is progressing so well!

Lisa said...

Hang tough momma!

Photogrl said...

Love the blue...I can't wait to see finished pictures.

Thinking LOTS of positive thoughts for you and the upcoming scan.

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