Friday, August 14, 2009

random thoughts

*I think I have another kidney stone. I think I mentioned that before, but its been worse lately. I've been having lots of lower back pain on my right side. Its only every once in a while, but when it hurts- it hurts!

*I officially have less then 20 weeks to go before we meet this baby.

*I always seem to get into a minor accident when I'm pregnant. When I was pregnant with O, I bumped into one of those yellow posts at the gas station. When I was pregnant with A, I broke the mirror off the car when I backed out of the garage. Today, I hit a post in the parking garage. I blame the kids for that one, really. they're the ones who convinced me to park down there today.

*I'm pretty sure E is going to be PISSED about the car. I've been praying all afternoon that he's in a good mood when he gets home. There's not much damage, but I'm sure the kids will tell him first thing.

*I also swore for the first time in ages. In front of my kids. Lovely. I don't think they heard me though.

*I'm hosting a mom's night out at our club house tomorrow night. I'm secretly hoping that people don't stay too late. Mainly because I might have to go take a nap for a bit...

*We're trying to plan a visit to the beach at the end of this month. We're looking at going to a Hilton resort in Destin. We were going to try to go in October when its a little cooler, but with the MO trip we just took everything got shifted. We were supposed to go to MI in the beginning of September. We really didn't want to take two LOOOOOONG trips right in a row. The Destin trip is only about 1/2 of our MI one.

*If something posted somewhere has a title like "Tracy don't peek", I can't help but peek. I know its probably wrong somehow, but it just drives me batty to see it there day after day.

*I have a dentist appointment on Monday. I really don't want to go. I HATE the dentist. arg.

*I bought the baby new bedding from target yesterday. Now, just trying to convince E to paint the nursery this weekend.

*I just bought my almost 4.5 year old a pair of 2T jeans.

*Every time I go into Gymboree, I leave wanting things. I should probably just avoid it all together.


d e v a n said...

Oh no on the car!!! I hope he's in a really good mood!

Lisa said...


Photogrl said...

Love the bedding..too cute! :)

I hope E wasn't too upset about the car.