Wednesday, November 11, 2009

33 weeks and good news!

I had a normal check up today at the OB. I'm one day shy of 33 weeks. My last appointment, two weeks ago, was a little rough. VBAC's make my OB nervous. Large babies make my OB nervous. So you can imagine the nervous energy soothing out of her when she measured me at 5 weeks ahead. Again. That's right. Again! That appointment was the 3rd time that I measured ahead. Pretty significantly ahead, too.
Today, though, I only measured 2 weeks ahead! Woot! I actually measured smaller today than I did 2 weeks ago! I'm hoping that the next appointment continues with this trend, in hopes that it soothes my OB's concerns about me birthing a large child. (which, by the way, the dr. I saw today said that she didn't think the baby was that big. she did a bit of pushing and prodding per my request.)
The other good news? Baby is back in position. About 2 weeks ago I felt some HUGE movements from baby boy. I mean HUGE! After those movements, I started feeling his hiccups on my upper right side, instead of the lower left that I had been feeling up until that point. I was pretty convinced he was head up. Last night, however, I felt some gigantic movements again. Today- hiccups on the lower left side. The dr. felt around and *thought* that she was feeling the baby's leg up high. Yay!
So, all in all, a great appointment. I wouldn't say that I'd prefer to have the dr. I met with today deliver my baby, but she was fine. I had to meet her before I get too close to my due date. Just another step closer to delivery. :)
1 day shy of 33 weeks


d e v a n said...

yay for the good appointment and cute pic!

Jennifer said...

Love the pic super cute. YAY for good appointments :)

Lisa said...

YEAH for a cooperative baby boy! Maybe he has engaged some and that makes your measurements different??

You look marvelous!!

desperate housewife said...

I think measurements can be SOO subjective and inaccurate depending on the baby's position at the moment, how much water/salt you've had in the last 24 hrs, the person DOING the measurements, etc. A perfect example: today you measured SMALLER than last week? Obviously the baby's not shrinking in there, so there's definitely a significant margin for error in there!
Glad baby is still head down! That one, at least, they're usually right about!

Chelsa said...

you look great!!!
yay for being 33 weeks! not much longer!

Photogrl said...

Yay for 33 weeks!

Cute baby bump! :)

theresa said...

You look great! Glad all is well.

Raechel said...

You look great, Tracy! Glad to hear some good news. You're going to do great delivering this baby - you're so nice and prepared. And despite O's naysaying, he WILL fit! :)

Jen said...

love the picture!