Monday, November 23, 2009

because I haven't posted in a while

Throw away money

While at the Christmas tree lighting on Friday night:
A: Mommy, Daddy! can we ride the train???
me: No. Not today.
A: Why not?
me: We don't have the money today.
A: Other people are riding it!
me: Other people have money to throw away.
A: I want money to throw away.

At least he's honest

A had gotten into trouble lately for shutting his van door after he gets into his seat. The reason being that I have to re-open it in order to get him buckled. This particular time, he actually obeyed and left his door open.

E: A! Good job! You obeyed and left your door open!
A: yes! O told me to close it, but I obeyed. Its easier for you to get me buckled this way. But, you can turn around in your seat to buckle me. Mommy can't, though, because she's too big.
E: Yes, I can turn around. But, its still better to obey. You like to obey, don't you??
A: Yes. I do. But, sometimes I like to disobey.

Heaven in a Casket
A: How did great grandpa get to heaven? In a balloon?
O: No. In a casket.


Lisa said...

teehee the things they say!

d e v a n said...

heee! Too funny!

Chelsa said...

ohh these made me laugh :) thank you!