Thursday, November 5, 2009

A story from our Monday

O, A, and I went to a local outdoor mall/shopping center on Monday to do a little shopping and have a little fun. We stopped by Maggie Moo's, to decorate ice cream cupcakes. (Just what the kids needed after a weekend full of scavenging for candy...)

On this cupcake: cupcake, ice cream, frosting, sprinkles, gummy bears, teddy grams, and M&Ms.

After the cupcakes, I let the kids run around, and around, and around the courtyard area to get some of their wiggles out. They had a LOT of wiggles and they were having a blast.
Sometimes when my kids get wild, they get naughty. By naughty, I mean they don't exactly pay attention to the rules ("stay away from the water!" or "don't run into other people") and tend to have selective hearing as well. In the end, we had to go because the kids had a hard time controlling how far they were running.
Being the nice momma that I am, (well, on this particular day at least.) I told them we could walk past the water feature on the way to the parking lot. As we looked at the water, the kids started begging to throw pennies to make a wish. I fished through my purse and found some pennies and handed one to each kid.
Olivia wound up and got ready to throw hers. I asked what she was wishing for and she said "its a secret, Mommy!" She flung that penny into the water with a big grin on her face. (When I use the word "flung" I'm not over exaggerating, either. It almost went out of the water on the other side!)
Austin got ready to throw his and I asked him the same thing. As the penny was leaving his hand, headed toward the water, he said "I wish..."
The penny then hit the water.
"I wish I had a penny."


d e v a n said...

hehe! My kids always want to go in after them.

Chelsa said...

how cute!

Raechel said...

That made the myers family laugh today! Very funny!

Photogrl said...

Very cute!

Laura said...

Oh they are adorable! loved it when you were a kid and could eat that much iceacream! making me hungry :D

Chell said...

Sounds like a GREAT TIME!

BTW... you've tagged over at my blog...