Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One need

I have sat down to blog at least a dozen times, only to be interrupted. By what? A sweet little 6 week old baby boy wanting to be held, that's what.

E and I were just discussing last night about how I is sort of a needy baby. Fussy isn't the right term, since if you meet his needs he doesn't cry. But, it just seems like he has a lot of needs. Well, one major one really. He loves to be held.

The thing is, I love holding him. Most of the time. Sure, I would rather not hold him when I pee. I'd probably rather not get spaghetti in his hair when I eat (okay, so his little whispers of hair...) But, overall, I do love to snuggle with this boy.

Snuggling, though, makes other things impossible. Typing for instance. Or blogging.

Rest assured, I'm still reading blogs. That's one thing I can do one handed.


Sarah said...

Eli was a needy baby too, in that regard. Unfortunately we were trying to sell our house when he was a little baby, so I felt constantly pulled away from him by the need to clean the house for showings. I so wish I had enjoyed all that cuddle time more instead of feeling stressed!
Happy snuggling!

d e v a n said...

I hear ya!

Kristin said...

I stumbled upon your blog from Raechel's...Isaac is beautiful. We have an Isaac but he is 13! Yikes!! Our newest addition Elijah is 8 months and a very "needy" baby. We had him after a miscarriage 8 months prior so I read your posts and feel like in some of them I have written them myself. That baby was due October 24, we lost him/her Feb 19th. I won't ever forget that day - even having a beautiful, healthy and very needy baby in my arms.

I just commented to a friend that I still get jealous when I hear of people who say 'I want to get pg in - name the month"...and they do. I wish it were that easy for us. We too have 3 (all boys) but struggled for years to get pg with #2 and #3 with a loss in between.

I don't know the "whys" but I know that the experience has helped me to meet wonderful women who have been there too. Women of God who show me how to trust Him in spite of my circumstances. So tonight I praise God for your faithfulness and strength....even when you might not see it!

Blessings to you!

Swistle said...

I had a super-snuggler too. I used to scoot wayyyyy down in my computer chair with the baby on my chest.