Monday, February 14, 2011

From Boy's jeans to frilly skirt, in less than 1 hour

I've had this idea floating around in my head for a few weeks now.  Probably since A put the 4th hole in a pair of pants that I had patched 3 times.  Originally, i was just going to make it a denim skirt.  Sew the crotch areas together and be done.  But, the jeans kind of screamed "BOY!" so I needed a way to girl it up a bit.  Hence the need for frills.

The entire project, from start to modeling, took less than an episode of Grey's watched on my computer. (why yes, I do sew at my computer desk...  Its multi-purpose like that.) So, definitely less than an hour.

Boy's Jeans to Frilly Skirt


1 pair of holey jeans
sewing machine
2 pieces of fabric, cut in a rectangle shape. (the width really depends on how many ruffles you want and how big your jeans are.)  Mine were about 12 inches tall and 4 ft wide.  I just used scraps from another project.

Start with your jeans.  Cut just below the back pocket.  Then cut out the inside seam apart. (I didn't photograph this.  Sorry!)

I missed a few steps with the camera here, too.  Take one of your fabric pieces and hem the bottom.  Then, sew a very loose stitch close to the top (opposite the hem) of the fabric.  Make sure to leave extra thread at the end (so don't clip your thread, yet!)  Take one piece of the thread and gently pull, pushing the fabric gently down the thread to create a gathered effect. 

It should look something like this:
Now, take the raw edges on the sides, and sew, right sides together, to make a circle of fabric. 

Slip the fabric over the jeans, face down, with the hem up.  Next, figure out where you want the first tier to start. sew, with right sides together, just above your gathering stitch (you don't want your gathering stitch to show.)

Flip it down to admire your work. 

Repeat the process with the second tier.  

Trim off extra denim underneath. Then flip your layers down and admire again.

Finally, get a super cute, almost 6 yr old, to model for you.  (okay, so maybe this step isn't necessary...)

Tada!  You made a frilly skirt from boy's jeans!


Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, very cute! The model too. :D

Erin said...

Love it!

d e v a n said...

Awesome job!

Kristin said...

WOW - I LOVE that idea! I really want to learn to sew and even bought a pattern to make a simple reversible tie MIL is going to help me get started so we will see how it goes!
Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

Lisa said...