Sunday, July 3, 2011

"...they're cousins. Identical cousins all the way."

My cousin K and I grew up very close to each other.  My parents said we used to fight like siblings, (and this I actually remember quite well, so it must be true.)  Up until we were teenagers, we also looked very similar.  My dad used to sing us the Patty Duke intro song, Identical Cousins, whenever we'd end up with matching outfits. 

Anywho, while we were on our Michigan trip, my cousin K got to come to my parents house and spend a little time with me (and cut some hair for Zeke and I.)

She's pregnant, too.  With a girl.  Due about 3.5 weeks before me. Neat, huh?

(she was 26.5 weeks here, and I was 23. I also realize that you cannot see my eyes in these pictures because I was a little over enthusiastic about smiling.)

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Leza said...

That is awesome that you both are expecting around the same time and are so close. I can't wait to see their pictures together and see how much they look alike...or don't.

You look great by the way!