Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Operation "Tonsil Removal": Success!

I can't remember if I told you all that A had a sleep study done in December to test for sleep apnea.  Well, he stopped breathing 7 times in the 5.5 hours he was asleep. 

Treatment for sleep apnea in little guys is a tonsillectomy.  It cures something like 80% of kids. 

We've been talking it up a lot.  You get to eat popsicles, have ice cream, play games, watch cartoons, etc.  He and O actually got into an argument over it because she was jealous of all the "lucky stuff" he got to do and eat.

Monday was surgery day.  He was actually pretty excited. 

getting his gown on

 enjoying his heated blanket

A really fun "mask doctor" came by to explain to A how he was going to go to sleep.

He did so well!  He was in surgery for 30 minutes, then E got to go back into the recovery room with him.  By the time E got back there, A was already awake, eating a popsicle, and talking to the nurse about the DS games our neighbor brought over for him to use. 

Maybe 15 minutes after E went in, they transferred A up to the pediatric floor in the PACU hall.  That's where we hung out for the rest of the day.  He got several bags of fluid, lots of popsicles and juice, and was even feeling good enough to eat mashed potatoes for dinner. 

Playing the DS

The first day home, yesterday, was pretty easy, too.  He was in good spirits, except for around medicine time.  Today, well, today hasn't been so great.  He's feeling pretty icky. :(

We're really praying that this surgery helps cure a lot of his sleep apnea related issues and that's he's back to his "normal" self soon.

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Dan & Hillary said...

Sounds like the surgery was successful:-) Now, onto recovery!

(PS- could you e-mail me your address? Hillaryayoung at g mail dot com)