Friday, January 27, 2012

We're still alive

We're alive and, mostly, well.  We've actually been home a lot, (for me! I hate not leaving the house at least once a day.)  But, I've been busy playing doctor, nurse, seamstress, and now I'm also learning to crochet (I know.  I know.  I totally DON'T need another hobby.  But, I couldn't resist!)  A's back in school after his tonsillectomy last week, so I spent most of yesterday working on a quilt for O's birthday. (which, was a disaster.  after ripping the thread the entire width of the quilt OVER 5 times, I set it aside and quit for the day.)

Eliza is also sick, so I don't see us leaving our hidey hole any time soon.  She started with a runny nose yesterday, and was coughing quite a bit in the night.  I'm just praying its not that stinking RSV that seems to be going around here. 

Oh, in Eliza news, she's found her fingers!  The last 3 days, she has been sucking her first two fingers (just like Zeke!) non-stop.  Its a little annoying right now, when she knocks out her pacifier at nap time, since she's not proficient enough to use them to self-soothe.  But, I'm thinking that's around the corner for her.

Now she needs to work on not gagging herself with those and we'll be all set.

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