Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dear Baby,
(let me start off by saying anytime I call you "baby" I am almost always saying it with a little bit of venom in my voice.) I don't know why you felt the need to be up until 3:30 last night.  Maybe you wanted to catch some Late Night with Jimmy or something.  But, just an FYI, his show is over at like midnight or something.  Next time, let me know in advance and we'll just watch it on Hulu the next day.
almost-invested-in-that-go-the-f-to-sleep-book mommy

Darling E,
Thank you, thank you, for getting up with the other 3 people AND making coffee for me.  You will be showered with kisses when you arrive home.
Coffee Breath

Dear A,
Dude!  Your teacher conference totally rocked!  I was so surprised and so happy to hear that you've been doing so well.
High five,
maybe your tonsillectomy worked!

Dear dance studio where my daughter takes dance,
While I'm all for dressing little girls in frilly dresses once or twice a year, I am not sure that all of your costumes are completely age appropriate (or, lets be honest, appropriate at all.)  I'm thinking that its a little unwise to put black fish net tights, along with an outfit that looks like a corset, on a bunch of 14 year old girls wearing too much make up who are going to shake their boo-tay in front of a crowd of people.  But, who am I to be making an accusation that of those parents should have made? 
last year of dance for daughter

Dear weather,
I love you.
Forever and ever,
a warm weather friend

Dear Grass,
I hate you and your brownness.  Call me racist, but I'd rather you be green.
Every spring,
sweeping daily

Dear Isaac,
I'd love to stop taking you to the dr.  Seriously.  Stop getting sick. please.  now.
Hugs and love,
"is that ear draining again" mommy

Dear Eliza,
I hear you on the monitor.  Up there, cooing.  Probably looking all cute and cuddly stuff.  You don't fool me.  I know the "real" 3 am you.


d e v a n said...

I would enjoy this warm weather if we weren't having thunderstorms with it! Let's just skip to summer!

Dawn said...

LOL I love when you do these posts. So whitty. And the one about dance costumes! OMG isn't it terrible. I would love to one day put my daughter in dance, but just can't for that reason!