Wednesday, February 1, 2012

monkey pajamas in the rain

My older kids take the bus to school almost every day.  Even when it rains.  Today, unfortunately, it was raining.  Isaac has to come with us on the mornings that he is awake (really, this is almost every morning).  The last few mornings, I let him just wear his footed pajamas with no shoes to the bus stop.  (He walked on the side walk there, and its only a few houses down.) 

Well, today he wanted to attempt to head to the bus in the same manner- footed jammies with no shoes.  Obviously, we, as adults, know how that would've turned out.  Soggy, wet, dirty jammies.  Those jammies just aren't made for the rain.  So, O came up with a quick compromise between jammied feet and shoes- Isaac's rain boots! 

Tada!  He's all prepared.

When some one asks me how it is going with 4 kids, I almost always tell them "its great!"  It is.  Really, it is.  I wouldn't even think for long about trading in one of my kids, and I love having a larger family.  But sometimes, sometimes I feel so unprepared/under qualified for the very large task of running a home with 6 people. 

Its not the people themselves.  Its the chores that come with 6 people.  Its the laundry that has to be done all.of.the.time because I not only have a family of 6, I have an overly spitty baby who is an incredibly big DIVA who requires several outfits each day (not to mention the ones that E and I require from just holding her.  E changed outfits twice on Monday after holding little E for only 15 minutes.)  Its the dishwasher that has to be run every day, the trash that has to be taken out every day, the toilets that need cleaning every day, the mopping that needs to be done, you guessed it, every day!

Its not surprising that sometimes I feel like I'm in over my head a little bit.  That I'm not quite equipped for the job of running this house.  Like maybe I'm wearing footed pajamas to the bus stop in the rain. 

I wanted to end this post with a comment about how God is my rain boots, he helps me be prepared.  He is and he does.  But, with out all of the fluff, I want you all to know that even happy-love-my-big-family-mommas get overwhelmed with stuff.  Even happy-i-love-to-do-all-sorts-of-craft mommas get too much on their plates.  And, sometimes, its my own dang fault if I end up with soggy pajama feet.


Mommy Attorney said...

I'm always very impressed with anyone who has more than 2 kids. I guess because I know doing the 2 kid thing is possible, but my mind can't wrap around any more. Of course, if I had more kids, I'd soon realize it was doable, but you know what I mean.

And you clean your toilets every day??? Holy cow, I feel very bad about mine now...

Kristin said...

I hear you!! If I don't at least Swiffer once a day the floor is crazy gross! I need to buy stock in that company!! And if I even think about taking a day off of laundry I would have 3 loads the next day. But I wouldn't change having 4 beautiful kiddos in this family either. Have a wonderful day!!

Tracy said...

Laura- I clean *A* toilet every day. So they get cleaned about twice a week. They get really dirty, though, with 5 people using them.

Stacey said...

You always seem so relaxed and together when I see you out and about so it makes me feel better to know that you, too, get overwhelmed.

d e v a n said...

I love this post so much. Yesterday afternoon/evening, I definitely felt like I wore my footed pajamas in the rain.