Monday, June 4, 2012

My own Facebook experiment

I took the entire weekend off from social media (minus one late night tweet I sent via text message on my phone.)  No checking facebook or twitter on my computer or my phone. It was torture.

 I learned something about myself.  I may be addicted to social media. I was like a junkie, thinking about my next score.  Thinking about how long it had been since I opened up that beautiful "f" app.  Thinking about pictures I should post, or things I could say, or OMG(osh) what if something ah-mazing is happening and I'M MISSING IT! 

There were a few times where I *almost* gave in and checked.  Mainly when I was alone, nursing Eliza right before bed.  In fact, I almost caved last night at 11:00pm when I got up with her.  But, amazingly, I stayed strong and carried on. 

I made it the entire weekend with out social media.

Things I learned:

*the world does not, in fact, revolve around me.  Even my madre didn't notice I was not present via social outlets on the Internet for a whole 2 days. 

*It doesn't really matter if I "miss" anything.  It'll all still be there in my handy notification box whenever I decide to jump on the wagon again (fall off the wagon?  on the wagon?  not sure which is the right phrase there.)

*If something *super* important is happening, you have my number and you know how to use it. 

* I was a lot more productive when I wasn't constantly checking to see if some one commented on my photo or if some one replied to my comments on another status, etc. 

*I was a lot more present with my family.

But, what did I do first thing today? I'm sad to say I pulled my phone out and checked it before I even got out of bed. I know. I know. Shame and finger wagging.

However, in light of my recent experiment, I am vowing to give up social networking take at least a day each week to go facebook and twitter free.  (Maybe I'll work up to 2 days a week.  But, for now, its baby steps.)


Jamie dayton said...

I can relate- after taking 6 months off I thought I could come back and just be casual, but I still find myself on all the time I think I am going to do this with you! 1 day off a week and work up from there! thanks for sharing

d e v a n said...

I am always surprised at the end of a busy day or weekend when I realize I haven't been on FB or Twitter and really haven't missed it. (too much.)

Ambitious Blonde said...

It's nice to take a break sometimes! I took a long break from twitter, and have done a week with facebook. Nice break, but it was nice to be back to just be connected to friends I don't get to speak to/see often. So I just try to limit how much I check, but it's so hard/easy with a smart phone LOL