Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pee, poop, and no sleep: the bane of my parenting existence

If you would've asked me over 7 years ago what would be the hardest parts about early years parenting, I'd probably wouldn't have answered the same as I would today.  I probably would've said making sure they eat healthy or keeping them safe.  I am pretty sure I had no idea that the 2 hardest things in early years parenting are potty training and sleep "training" (I hate to use the word "training", since sleep training has such a negative connotation.)

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to  change with the number of children you have, either.  The two biggest issues in our house right now?  Isaac's potting training and Eliza's lack of sleeping by hergosh dangself.  Don't get me wrong, I've certainly changed some of the ways I parent in those two areas.  For one, I try to be super calm when it comes to potty training in hopes that I won't screw this one up he doesn't get stressed about it and develop negative associations.  I've also changed what my expectations are when it comes to infants and sleep.

According to my husband, "almost all" 8 month old babies are sleeping through the night with out eating.  We had a discussion about this very thought/statement last night that got a little heated.  He seems to forget the times that *I* would go into the baby's room to nurse them.  (Oh, wait.  He probably never even woke up to KNOW that I was doing that.) 

The only reason he is aware of Eliza's wakings is because she doesn't like to sleep in her room/bed if I'm not in there with her.  She has some kind of magical mommy sensor alarm that goes off if I'm more than 5 feet from her.  She actually sleeps, (usually) pretty well at night since I'm right next to her.  Its the early evenings, when I want to come downstairs to watch t.v. or run, (or any other thing that might require me to the use of both kid free arms) that her internal alarm goes off and she realizes that OMGosh, MOMMY IS GONE FOR.EV.ER! 

However, the child does sleep in.  She slept until 8:45 am yesterday, when I had to go in and wake her up to take the big kids to VBS.  Its just unfortunate that I can't sleep until 8:45   8:00  7:00  6:30. 

I mentioned the discussion E and I had on facebook.  The vast majority of people said their babies didn't sleep all night at 8 months, either.  (Also, I'd like to say that part of our discussion was about how Eliza is NOT 8 months old, yet.  I don't care if its only a week away.  She's 7 months.)  There were a few people who said their babies slept through the night earlier, and good for them.  But, I was referring to babies who were breastfed and NOT sleep "trained" at 2 weeks old.  (And, really quick, I realize that some babies DO just sleep through with out being sleep trained at 2 weeks old.  O would've been like this had we not had to wake her up to feed her so she would grow.)

I'd love to show that post to E, just to give him an eye-opening realization.  But, he'd probably say something along the lines of "well, its the TYPE of people you're friends with."  I'm pretty sure he's going to grow up and tell our children that all of them were sleeping through the night by 3 months and stopped breastfeeding at age one (my dad does this to me, even though I nursed until age 2!)

Thanks for joining me for this lovely rant post.  Next time, we'll discuss the awfulness that is trying to teach your child to go number 2 in the potty instead of on your carpeted closet floor.


Kristin said...

Oh friend I feel your pain!! My first 2 boys were terrible sleepers. I don't think I slept through the night for almost 3 yrs with my first. They didn't potty train until they were almost 3 1/2. (Oh and don't even get me started on the 5 months of serious colic!!)

My 3rd son would only sleep with my in a recliner for the first 9 months. At his 9mo visit my Dr told me to cut the cord and do the cry it out. It was awful the first night....cried for over an hour, but by nights two and three...he was sleeping through the night. He potty trained at 2 1/2 in 2 days...but only because (in my opinion) that he had a wonderful daycare provider that could tell he was ready and worked with him.

Our youngest and first girl slept through the night at 5 months, and only sleeps well when she is alone and in her crib. So unlike her brothers in any way!!

Just remember this is a season of your life that won't always be here. I used sleepless nights as a time to pray for others...and my dad always told me that my kids would never go to kindergarten with a diaper or a give yourself a break and know it will happen in due time!

Praying for you!!!

d e v a n said...

You clearly hang out with riff-raff. :P

I'm on the potty training nightmare roller coaster too. Ugh.