Friday, August 17, 2012

Its a me party

5:15 E's alarm clock goes off and wakes me up.  Which scares and shocks me all at the same time.  See, I'm not normally even in our bedroom when E gets up.  I normally move to Eliza's room after her early morning (2-4 am) feeding and sleep on the bed in her room.

6:00 the boys are awake and giggling in their room.

6:15 O is up and E is out the door.  I take the bigger 3 kids out back to play and eat breakfast on the patio.

7:00 Bananas in Pajamas (are coming down the stairs!) for the kids, and I dive into my coupons. My Internet keeps crashing.  I almost through my stupid mouse at the computer screen.

8:30 Eliza finally wakes up.  I'm super engorged, so she keeps pulling off during "breakfast" and it hurts so much I want to cry. (thrush, anyone??)

9:45 Finally finish coupons. 

9:50 we head to the bank, then to the store to buy our groceries.  Where I have to tell the older kids to "please stop talking to me for a few minutes!  I'm trying to THINK!"  So, yeah.  A tiny bit excited that I'll only be taking 2 to the grocery store with coupons next week.

11:00 Make lunch for the older kids and put Eliza down for a nap.

12:00 Get big kids settled in for quiet time.  Lay down with Isaac, in hopes that he'll take a nap.

1:00 Its a no-go for the nap.  I laid with him for a half hour, and I can hear him pounding on something in there.

1:03 I decide to try to make the paper lanterns I have planned for Eliza's party.  Unfortunately, I've bought the wrong sized dixie cup.  Dagnabbit.

1:30 I sweep and mop the floors.  Isaac freaks (he's not a huge fan of the mopping.  "too swippewy, mommy!") so I send him and O outside to paint.

2:00 Painting seems to be a hit with Isaac.  O is done because most of the "good" colors are dried up. Eliza's up, I feed her a snack while I finish my chores.

2:30 I'm getting a headache.  Seems to happen a lot around this time every day.  Maybe its because I didn't eat lunch.  Speaking of food, Crap!  I forgot to put dinner in the crock pot!  HIGH setting it is.  

3:20 its too late for "lunch", but I have got to eat something.  Coffee?  Salted Carmel latte??  Yes.  I eat an apple and some almonds, too.

4:00 time to feed shark baby (its what she feels like when she eats right now) and put her down for another nap.

4:30 E's home.  Time to go run!

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