Thursday, December 27, 2012

Catching up

New things:

#1: Isaac turned 3. As in three years ago he was a teeny tiny newborn.  Who looked like this:

Now? He's such a ham I can barely get a picture of him.  But, he looks like this for a professional photographer:
Cute, no?  Still has those deep, dark, chocolate brown eyes. He's 50% in weight and 15% in height (more on that in the next number.) 

#2. O will be having her MRI done this Sunday afternoon to check her pituitary gland.  From there, we'll come up with a treatment plan for her growth hormone deficiency.  We'll also start keeping an eye on Isaac's height.  Anything under 10% will start getting some attention.  (He's still young, so he can still catch up.)  We've talked with her about how she'll have to sit still for 30 minutes in the loud machine.  I'm hoping they have fancy goggles with a tv in them like they do at our children's hospital in HSV.

#3 We thought we were having a travel free Christmas.  Until we found out my grandpa, who lives in N.C.,  isn't doing so hot.  He's lost a lot of weight and just isn't real thrilled to be living.  The last time we saw him, I was 4 weeks pregnant with A.  So, 7 years ago.  My parents and my uncle and aunt and their two kids will be going as well.  We figured we should go when other people are going.  it isn't very fun there (he's in an assisted living home) and there isn't much to do.  Not time like the present, right?

#4 We're having some behavior problems with one of our kids. We're really struggling with how to discipline.  It feels like nothing is working.  *sigh*  I keep trying to tell E that I think its from a lot of the attention on O's health the last year, since this is when the unwanted behaviors started.  I don't know.  I'm this close [___] to taking the child to the therapist to see if they could get to the bottom of it all.  I don't know how to help and it's really a crappy feeling.

#5  I've had a cough for almost two weeks.  No other real symptoms.  just a stupid, dumb, keeps-me-up-at-night cough.  I hate to call the doctor for just a cough, but yet my cough syrup box says if you have a cough for more than 7 days to call your doctor. 

#6. Eliza- she's a handful.  This is not new news.  But, it pretty much sums her up.


Sarah said...

If I had to guess, it's your second born child who's giving you fits. Because, I'm sorry, isn't it ALWAYS the second born kid who gives fits? I hate it, and I know that it's a stereotype and a label and I went into parenting refusing to buy into the middle child theory, but I have admitted defeat. I have yet to meet a single family who didn't have the hardest time parenting their second born, and that includes mine, my husband's, and now our own, as well as everyone ELSE. And it's doubly true if that child is a boy. *shrug* I'm sure there are a million theories as to WHY this is so, but if it helps at all (this is of course assuming my guess is even correct) know that just about every other family with more than one kid has the same struggles and feelings of helplessness as parents. I've been THISCLOSE to taking mine to a therapist, too, sure that there must be some deep rooted problem I was missing.

Photogrl said...

I find it so hard to believe that I is 3 already...I remember when you were waiting for his arrival! He's super cute.

I'll be lifting you all up in my prayers. Hoping the trip to NC goes better than expected and that O has an easy time with the testing.

Hang in there, xoxo

Devan said...

Late to the post here, but sorry about the trouble a certain someone is giving you. It might be worth asking the ped if she thinks a therapist is in order. At least then you would feel a bit better either way, maybe.