Thursday, December 6, 2012

peeking out from quilt mountain to ask for help

I've been busy, buried with two awesome Star Wars themed quilts on my sewing table.  (My mission this Christmas was to make one hand-made gift for each person. However, I'm quickly falling behind!  I should've started in May!)

I've had very little time to think about things like OTHER Christmas presents and BIRTHDAY presents of two of my favorite guys. 

E and I were pretty set on buying Zeke a balance bike.  We were going to combine it with Christmas, but give it to him on his birthday (and give him a small Lego set for Christmas so he got "something".)  However, my parents decided to buy it for him instead. 

SO, here's where I need help.  Isaac's birthday is in a week and a day.  I need ideas. He's about to turn 3.  His loves: Batman, Star wars, Legos, Deigo, Daddy, being outside.

And, go!


Devan said...

Well, I have a Star Wars Lego set for him, so don't get him that? LOL
Hmm, a t-ball set, kid tools, art supplies, a membership to someplace he really likes... what cartoons does he like? Maybe a toy from that? I'm trying to think of stuff my boys liked at 3. haha

Devan said...

Or maybe E could take him out for a special day? A movie and lunch or a play place or something.


anita said...

do you duplos or legos? we have the duplo train set and the kids LOVE it.