Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas gifts

Shhhhh.....  Here's what my kids are getting this year for Christmas:

Each of the kids always gets:

an outfit from Gymboree
a pair of jammies to open on Christmas Eve

Eliza is getting this chair.  They, apparently, no longer make it.  I actually found it used online, for $10 back in October.  I stuck it away in the attic for Christmas.
She's getting a touch and feel book, though we haven't picked it out yet.

It was hard to think of things she'd get excited about.  So, she's also getting these in her stocking:
(you know, since I can't put my actual breasts in her in stocking. Which is about the only thing she likes more)

Since Isaac has a birthday on Saturday, he's actually getting combined gifts.  (its just the way it worked out this year.)  He's getting this chair for his birthday, except his is from Costco.

For Christmas, he's getting this Melissa and Doug floor puzzle:

His book is the companion book to "Go Train GO!", which is "Stop Train Stop!"

Austin wants a "Nerf gun cartridge connector", but E and I are having a really hard time figuring out what it actually is.  Here are our ideas of what it could be:

He's also getting these books:

Olivia is getting this book set:

along with this cool doll bed from Ikea (It'll fit her American Girl dolls.)

Each child is getting something hand made by me, as well.  I made the boys each a star wars quilt and pillow case. They are a little different, having different amounts of each fabric.  The other quilt has a red checked binding to math their curtains (and the red in the newer star wars fabric strips.)

The girls are getting crocheted mittens. That I have yet to start. ;)


Mommy Daisy said...

Great gifts. I ordered the first 4 Magic Tree House books for Zachariah for Christmas too. I almost got the Boxcar Children books. :) Must be good choices. Oh, I ended up getting the first few Flat Stanley books too.

Dawn said...

Adelyn has had that chair since she was about 15 mo & still loves it! Good choice!

Devan said...

Great job on the quilts! So cool :)