Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny quotes

O: "Daddy, how old is Jesus?"
E: "well, he's really not an age. He's just always been."
O: "oh, so he's kind of like a zero."

O: "Daddy, what are your favorite colors?"
E: "probably red and blue. what are yours?"
O: "well, pink- that's the one. Purple, that's the two. Red, that's the three. And yellow, that's the four"

E: "A, did you get a shot today?"
A: "yes. A flute shot."
E: "what kind of shot?"
A: "a FLUTE shot"

Me: "A, what do you want to do today while sissy is at school?"
A: "I just want to go get some coffee and go home"

Me: "A, let's get your shirt on"
A: "no! I don't waaaant my shirt on."
Me: "well, you have to cover up your belly button!"
A: "I don't waaaaaaaant a belly button!"


Chell said...

I love the funny innocent things kids say! TOOO darn cute!

d e v a n said...

"I just want to go get some coffee and go home" - sounds like my idea of a good time too!!

d insisted on the purple plate for breakfast this morning because it "Has red and blue in it, and those are my 2 favorite colors." Funny how their minds work!

Jennifer said...

Super Cute!!!

Photogrl said...

Very cute!

Thanks for sharing!

Jax Playground said...

Hey Very funny quotes. It's usually the things that kids say unintentionally that can crack us up. I just put a page together of funny quotes myself, I think you'd like them.

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