Monday, September 14, 2009


I've been meaning to make a post about this since, well, I hit the "viability" marker on Thursday. However, time kept ticking, tick, tick, ticking away and it got lost in "things to do" list. But, here we are now. Better late then never.

I've been making these little "short goals" for my pregnancy since the day I got the news that I was carrying another child in my womb. "let me make it to six weeks!" then "let me see the baby on the ultrasound!" then "let me hear the heart beat!" then "let me make it past the first trimester!", etc, etc, etc. But, one of my major "goals" was 24 weeks. Its the point that they term the baby "viable". meaning, they'd actually try to save the baby if it was born today. The baby would have a chance at living outside of the womb.

Now, I realize that it may seem a bit odd to just want to make it to viability. Obviously, I want to make it further. But, there's a sense in relief in just *knowing* that if I gave birth, this baby could survive. For someone like me, who has lost so many babies before they were "viable" this is huge. It gives me hope. It gives me a sense of peace.

But, what kind of "goal maker" would I be if I was content at 24 weeks? My new goal, is 28 weeks. That magical gestational number that raises the odds for this baby bumpkin! Then, the new goal? Who knows? Maybe 33 weeks (the week I went into labor with O).

Whatever the goal now, though, I thank God that my body has kept this baby safe thus far. It still never ceases to amaze me that this baby boy is still inside, still alive, and still loving his momma. God is good!


Chelsa said...

oh i totally understand your "Little Goals". I've been the same way! So here is to viability for you! :)

d e v a n said...

Yay for meeting all the goals!

Photogrl said...

Little week Goals.

I'm pretty sure it's the only way we, with losses under our belt, can think.

Yay for hitting 24 weeks! Come on 28!

T- said...

Goals are good and these are awesome!

brenna said...

Yay for the little goals. All those little steps add up to some kind of miracle. :)

Lisa said...

Hang in there wee baby! We can't wait to meet you in 15 more weeks!

Jennifer said...

I definitely understand the need for these little goals. I am doing the same thing. God is an awesome God. :)

Rumour Miller said...

Congratulations on 24 weeks!