Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and update, baby pictures, and another question!

First of all, thanks to all of you who responded to my post about O's nail/toe biting. We did end up buying some stuff to paint on her nails called "Thum". She was doing great, but has now decided it is worth the nasty taste to bite her nails. The dentist gave us some other ideas (hot sauce and honey) and right now just the threat of going back to the dentist to show him her nails is enough to curb her nail biting. There's actually white growing now! We're still having trouble with picking the skin around the nail and toes, but one baby step at a time, right?

Secondly, we got to see baby boy in 3D/4D last week right before our trip to MI. It was so awesome! E and I decided that this new baby boy has A's lips and nose. Too sweet!

We're curious to see what color skin he has. O and A were both born with pale skin. I, however, had dark reddish skin when I was a baby (and a head full of black hair!). E is, to put it nicely, pale. We always thought that the kids would get my skin tone and hair since it seems to be dominant. However, the first two got his skin and hair. Maybe the third one's the charm?

His hand with the cord in the picture. Isn't technology amazing?
The tech said that his feet were on the VERY edge of my uterus. No wonder I was feeling him kick my on my side that day.

Okay, lastly- I need your advice again! You'd think after 3 yrs of being a nanny, 2 years of working in a daycare and 4.5 years of mommy hood would better prepare me. But, alas, we are having horrible HORRIBLE potty issues right now with A.

A has been "fully" potty trained since the end of June (he was peeing on the potty since October of last year, but wouldn't go #2 until June). For the past 1.5 weeks or so, he keeps having "accidents". I put that in quotations because it bothers me to call them that. To me, an accident it "oops, I didn't make it in time" or "oops, I was playing and got too busy to go". Not, going into bathroom and peeing on the floor or hiding somewhere in the house to go poop in his undies. Or, here's today's latest, sitting by his door at nap time and peeing, even though he JUST went 5 minutes before and his door was unlocked (and we let him get up for pee or poop!)

I think this last week, while we were visiting my parents, he went #2 on the potty once. ONCE! So, now that we are home, I need some help! He had an accident at school today, and that has never ever happened! He cannot, at least for my sanity if nothing else, continue in this pattern. He is pushing me close to the edge! Help!


d e v a n said...

urgh. I hate potty training with the fire of a thousand suns. I suck at it and just the other night declared to D that I clearly do NOT KNOW what I am doing! I don't think I can help.
We're having many, many of the same issues with O. Although, he is younger so it might be more expected. The only thing that is working is constant bribing, er... rewarding... and not reacting. It is the NOT REACTING that I am SO BAD at.

d e v a n said...

Also, baby boy is adorable! <3

Tracy said...

I think that's my problem- my reaction. Ugh!

AmyJ said...

For the potty training, go back to basics. Give him a treat when he goes, and make a deal about it. M&M's work perfectly, 1 for #1, 2 for #2. And if he doesn't do anything, just let him that it's ok and he can try again later. Potty training is the pits! Hope it starts looking up for you.

Lisa said...

Those are awesome! I can so see A!

Chell said...

Those pics of the baby are so amazing!

Don't stress on the potty issue. The more you stress, the bigger issue it will become. have an award waiting for you at my blog :)

Shannon said...

A good friend offered up a piece of advice recently that I'm storing away for when/if I have "accident" issues. She sent princess underware to school so that if her son had an accident, he only had the princess underware to change into. Just the threat of having to put those on cured the "I forgot" type of accidents. GOOD LUCK! Love the pictures of the baby boy!

Photogrl said...

Baby boy is darling!

I'm always amazed at those 3D ultrasounds...too cool!

I think you've gotten some great advice on the potty training. I hope the "accidents" stop soon.