Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October is starting off with a bang!

*I was at Target today and I ran into a lady from church. She had her brand, spankin' new baby with her. Her baby had the same due date as my October baby. I hate when I remember stupid things like that.

*I gained a ton of weight at my last OB appointment, failed my 1 hr glucose test (though, thankfully, I passed the 3hr on monday) found out I'm anemic, measured over 4 weeks ahead, and discussed rectal probing with my OB in relation to physical therapy for my tailbone. I also had an interesting talk with my OB about VBAC's and a "big baby". Okay, maybe not interesting. Maybe more frustrating.

*Speaking of my tailbone, it hurts like heck. I fell down the stairs a little over a month ago. Instead of getting better, my tailbone pain is getting worse. Which makes even driving 5 or 10 minutes in the car a painful task. Next week's trip to Michigan should be super fun, don't you think?

*I'm taking a million drugs right now, and I hate it. One for my thyroid, Tylenol for tailbone pain, prescription iron and prenatal, muscle relaxer for said tailbone for night time pain (I was not getting any sleep for a while because of the pain...) and some other meds for the side effects of the iron. Not to mention the occasional benedryl I take for the allergies/stuffy nose I have right now.

*E has been coming home late due to missing work for other things like my glucose test, van registration, selling our other car, fixing things, meeting with people, a class he's taking, etc.

*A has been having a lot of "accidents". I call them that for a lack of a better word. Really, they are more deliberate than anything. Like pooping under the playset while playing "house". Or, having his bum against the toilet while peeing on the tile just to see what sound it will make. Or, yesterday's fun adventure, pooping in his underwear in his bedroom, stripping, then rolling around the in the covers when his door was wide open (and his room is directly next to the bathroom!)

But, there are always good things, too.
*I passed my 3 hr glucose test. Yay!

*I've been getting a LOT of tutu orders. Another yay!

*We have our 4D ultrasound next week! woot!

*We're going to Michigan to visit my parents next week! double woot!

*I'm sleeping better thanks to the muscle relaxer!

*Physical therapy is covered by our insurance. I know it may seem silly to be glad about this, but at this point I'm thinking PT is not even a choice anymore. I HAVE to do it due to the pain I'm in.

*We've been having really nice weather! I love fall here!

So, October is certainly here. Its certainly making an impression so far.


d e v a n said...

Sorry for the sucky parts of October! But YAY for the good ones - have fun visiting your parents!

Chelsa said...

well enjoy the good parts of october like your 4d u/s and visiting your parents :)

Photogrl said...

You're definitely having a rough start to the month!


I hope it gets better quick and you can enjoy all the "yay"'s!