Thursday, July 22, 2010

The bad "list"

Things I'm NOT looking forward to in the next few weeks/months:

*O going to Kindergarten.  I mean, I'm glad she's growing up healthy, smart, etc.  but, I wish she could stay my little girl for just a bit longer.

*All of the fun words/sayings that miss O will learn in said Kindergarten.

*O's behavior when she is getting up to be ready and at the bus at 6:50 am combined with no naps.  I anticipate lots of room time.  That, and/or early bedtimes.

*Scheduling around school is ALREADY a pain in the rear.  We have a wedding and my 10 yr reunion in October, neither of which is the same weekend as O's fall break at school.  Its going to be a challenge to work that out.

*Peer pressure.  You know, silly kindergarten peer pressure for things like silly bandz.  There's nothing wrong with the actual thing, I just don't like the constant ebb and flow of "in" toys and the pressure that comes with it. 

*Fighting with O on clothing choices.  The girl is a dress lover.  Seriously, I have to fight her to wear shorts.  She also wears almost nothing on her feet but flip flops.  I told her, in passing, that she might have to wear tennis shoes to school (because until they can tie their own to change into tennis shoes for gym, they need to wear them to school-already tied) she freaked.  Totally freaked.  Not in the fit-throwing sense, but in the you've-crushed-my-inner-sense-of-style sense.

*The 100 degree weather on the forecast for tomorrow.  For A's party.  Which is at the peak of the heat.  Good times.  (and I totally won't insert here that someone may have mentioned having it at 10 am on Saturday, but another someone said we should have it Friday night instead.)

*More of this stage with baby I, were, when he nurses, he pulls off and on, over and over and over and over and over and over and over. 

As I typed this all out, I realize how much I'm not looking forward to O going to Kindergarten at all.  I'm sad.  I feel like I'm losing a little friend.  One who will idolize her teacher, (who will say no wrong, I'm sure) one who will get her advice from her little best friend, and one who no longer snuggles with me at nap time. 

Someone pass me a margarita  tissue.


Heidi said...

Pass the tissues over this way, too, because I feel the same way!

d e v a n said...

I'll bring the margarita's you bring the tissues. *SOB*

(PS- d's school says that they can only wear close toed shoes! NO sandals at all.)

Mommy Attorney said...

You're making me feel weepy about kindergarten and we still have 3 years...

蔡舜娟蔡舜娟 said...

Offence is the best defence.............................................................