Tuesday, July 13, 2010

working on some things

If you happen upon my blog today, you may notice that its a bit wonky.  I'm trying to work on that. :)  I promise I won't leave it.  Well, for too long anyway.

ETA: Okay, I give up.  I've been working on the size of the pictures on the left side bar for over an hour today.  I am calling it quits for now.  To the 5 people who read my blog, please excuse the mess. :)


Cristin said...

Cute new layout. If you need some help with it let me know. I have a new blog design business, I'm certainly not a pro, but would help you the best I could. :-)

Ambitious Blonde said...

It's really cute T, hope you get it worked out :)

Cheryl said...

I love the new look. Good luck getting it all worked out.

Cristin said...

Tracy, I am still taking orders for free makeovers. It ends July 31.