Monday, July 26, 2010

A day for random updates

  • Its raining here.  Finally.  Its been like the desert, (and our water bill reflects trying to water the desert soil to grow grass.)  Sometimes I love a good rain. 

  • My baby boy turned 4 a week and half ago. We had a small party on friday. It was hot, but it was fun. He had a blast with his friends. E decided to get all of the kids water guns to take home. Not just the cheapies, but the actual Super Soaker brand kind. They had a great time (including all of the dads. Which, thinking back, the water guns may have been for them in the first place.)
  • The cake turned out so-so.  I wouldn't put the fruit in the middle again.  It was fine for party day, but I think the fruit has gone bad so there are no leftovers.  Boo.
  • The kids are watching Fraggle Rock.  You know, the show from the 80s.  "Dance your cares away.  Worries for another day. Let the music play, down in Fraggle Rock."  Ring a bell?  I love the Wii.  And Netflix.  Best.invention.ever. for people like us who don't have cable.
  • Zeke is waking up from his nap right now, and I can guarantee that he's standing up shaking the sides of the crib.  Yes, that's right, I said STANDING!  Its his new trick.  A trick that he likes to do all day, every day, and even sometimes at night.  He'd prefer to stand than sleep, I think.  In fact, today, he was propping himself up on the side so he couldn't fall asleep.
  • O starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks.  Two weeks.  Two freaking weeks!! 
  • O's kindergarten list says to buy 8 jumbo glue sticks.  Do you know how much those cost?  Around $2 a piece.  That's $16 in glue, folks.  I just want to buy the mini ones and say "take it or leave it", but probably won't since I always do what I'm told.  E wants to check Amazon to see if they have them cheaper (this is just SO him... lol.)
  • I rarely order things online.  Mainly because I hate not being able to return it, or paying to return it.  But, I went to TCP last week to try to find some jeans that fit miss O.  The 4s were huge in the waist and the legs were just a tad too short.  I asked if they carried 5 slims.  Which, they don't.  But, she gave me a free shipping code to order them online.  Woot!  I used another code from and I ended up getting them cheaper than in the store.  Double woot!  Let's just hope they fit now.
  • In the spirit of online shopping, I bought a dress at Gap online today.  I think it'll look nice. It was only $9.99 so it might look nice no matter what.  At least for around the house. 
  • E got a bonus a few weeks ago.  We planned to do some decorating stuff with it (well, technically, E told me I could "do whatever" I wanted with it.  But, that quickly changed to buying a few things that we need and putting the rest in savings.  Again, so totally E.  but that's why I love him.)  One of the things we were going to buy were these iron chairs for our front patio from Costco.  I went to buy them, and they were all out.  Darn!  They are too expensive elsewhere.  I just need them to look pretty, not be comfy really.  I can't bring myself to pay much for something to just look pretty.  *sigh*
  • We did end up buying a pretty picture to hang above our fireplace with the money above, though.  We went to Old Time Pottery and scavenged through all of their stuff.  (E kept making comments like "let's just get out of here!" and "I hate stores like this!".  I think the clutter makes him nervous.)  I love the way it looks with our new paint color.
For a rather abrupt ending to my posting, that's my list for today. :)