Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rocking chair blogging

The baby's sleep has been less than stellar lately.  He is a super light sleeper.  Unlike with my other kids, I can't just bring him back to our bed (or the extra bed in his room) to nurse and to sleep/cuddle together.  The second I move cough  budge  breathe he wakes up.  I have to haul my behind out of bed and nurse him, then put him back as soon as he is sleeping (then tiptoe quietly while praying the floor doesn't creak and wake the sleeping beast  baby.)  Because of those things combined, I spend a lot of time in the rocking chair.

****Aside****If there was ever a baby item I wish we would've spent more money on, it would be the rocking chair.  The $80 we spent on that rocking chair mocks me at 3am.   It mocks me with my sore behind, my aching back, and Zeke's bruised head (from banging the side where his head is when he kicks the opposite side.)

Anyway, I digress.  I spend a lot of time praying and thinking in that chair in the middle of the night.  Its also in this chair that I come up with all kinds of blog posts.  In fact, its where I think I've come up with some of my best ideas for blogging. 

In that chair I am witty.  I am funny.  I am eloquent.  In that chair I am interesting, fun, and full of life

Unfortunately, the lack of sleep seems to blur my memory.  By morning, the words are jumbled, and I can't remember what titles I came up with or what ideas I wanted to get across.  I forget my clever satire and my witty sarcasm.  If I happen to remember my idea past 6am, we are bound to miss the bus, (and thus missing my morning internet time) spill coffee on my keyboard, or the internet will be down.

So, even though my "official" blog post was days ago, rest assured that I've been a very busy blogger. I have lots of interesting material waiting to be read.  Lots of witty comments and exciting material to liven your day. 

Just meet me at the rocking chair at 3a.m., and you'll see what I mean.


Sarah said...

I think every blogger with a baby can relate to that! I remember very very well being so frustrated with myself because I was constantly thinking up what seemed like funny or interesting post topics while nursing or diapering or running errands, but by the time I'd get to the computer, all that was left in my brain was, "TIRED."

d e v a n said...

haha! This happens to me a lot too. I'll think of a great post while I'm driving in the car, cooking dinner, or nursing the baby and then later? Either it's completely forgotten or it no longer sounds like a good idea.

Dawn said...

LOL apparently this is common. I do the same thing while lying there at night. But I must say I thought this post was very witty.

Birdie said...

Very cute post! :)

Photogrl said...

Oh, I blog hasn't seen a new post in WAY to long. I have plenty of posts in my head but getting them typed out is hard!

I hope you get some good sleep soon!

brenna said...

Oh how I can relate, although for the most part those days are behind me. I always wished we had gone for the reclining glider!

I now often wish there was some way to transpose my thoughts directly from my brain to paper (or computer). Aren't we all so witty and original when far away from any chance of recording those thoughts? :)

(Thanks for linking up on my blog!)