Monday, August 9, 2010

Twas the night before kindergarten

Twas the night before kindergarten, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even  except momma and her (keyboard and) mouse.

I'm generally an anxious mess when it comes to going to new places, starting new things, meeting new people pretty much anything out of my comfort zone.  so, with E gone, its easy to let my mind wander to things that get me anxious. Especially things like sending my baby girl off to complete, total, and utter strangers  kindergarten tomorrow.

So, to fill the time between now and sleep, I'm baking muffins, rocking babies, and typing updates on my blog. :)  (You all get to benefit from that last one.)

With out further a-do, here's the update!

Isaac's Kidney Reflux Update (I know, super exciting, right??)

We went in for I's kidney reflux testing about 2 weeks ago.  When I talked to the nurse on the phone, she mentioned that we were going to fore go the ultrasound and skip to the more invasive VCUG.  Turns out, the urologist changed his mind again.  When I got there, we only ended up doing the renal ultrasound and skipped the VCUG, (and here I thought surprises at the doctor were almost never good!)

Zeke did wonderful during the ultrasound.  He wiggled a lot  bit, but the technician was able to get what she needed.  With the results in hand, we headed to Dr. H's office (this, thankfully, is not the same Dr. H that is mentioned in previous posts!  That Dr. H was/is my RE.  This one is the kids' pediatric urologist.) 

Since Dr. H is the ONLY pediatric urologist in town, they have a nice waiting room for kids. The older kids love the big fish tank right at floor level.  It turns out, baby I likes it, too.

  Naturally, I had to snap a picture with my cell phone.  I mean, how adorable is that?  His little face pressed up against the glass?  *swoon*  I just love him to pieces.

So, I'm a bit off track.  Where was I?  Updating?  Right.  Back to the results.  The good news is that I's kidney's look healthy.  No evidence of previous infection, and they were the same approximate size.  yay!  He still has the 33% chance that he has kidney reflux.  But, since he shows no sign of prior infection, we don't have to do any further testing unless something comes up down the road.  We do have to be more cautious when it comes to fevers.  Any fever with out an apparent cause warrants an immediate urine culture.  But, we are pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff from O anyway, so it shouldn't be a huge change.

Great news.  Its good to get that testing out of the way.  To get over that hump of anxiety and get to the other side: relief.

Now, if I could only feel that way about kindergarten starting tomorrow...


Heidi said...

I hope tomorrow goes well for you and Olivia both!

Lisa said...

Good luck with K!

And great news!

d e v a n said...

I hope drop off went well! thinking of you both!!!

Kristin said...

So glad to hear that the tests came out good...whata relief! I looks so cute in that photo....I think I have a similar outfir for my the green and white stripes - super cute! :)

Good luck at Kindergarten...she will do great!!

Dawn said...

Hope everything went well this morning. Love the pic!