Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being the 3rd child means...

...getting every illness known to man kind because your big siblings are notoriously bad at staying out of your face before they wash their hands.

...having built in play-mates.

...passing a googly eye with your BM.

...your mommy hardly raises an eyebrow upon seeing the eye in the BM (But does take a picture to show daddy later to have a good laugh.)

...getting things constantly ripped out of your mouth that are choking hazards.  Like said googly eye. And Legos.  And Polly Pockets. And the list goes on.

...getting to eat peanut butter waaaaay before your siblings did.  Mainly because they feed it to you.

...having a mommy who is way more relaxed than someone who is a 1st child. (i.e. walking, talking, climbing, picky eating, not drinking milk.)  You'll do whatever it is you're going to do when you are ready and when you want to do it.

...having a mommy who realizes how quickly you really do grow up.

...having siblings pull, prod, and dress you up like a girl.

...a mommy and daddy who will snuggle, rock, and smell your head when you are sick. (and love every minute of the snuggles!)


Heather said...


d e v a n said...

Totally laughing at the googly eye! hahaha

Mommy Attorney said...

I told Dave about the googly eye and he was s grossed out. I told him it was funny. I guess guys don't have a very good sense of humor.