Thursday, January 20, 2011

Staring me in the face

We finally had Isaac's birthday party.  On his 13 month "birth"day.  Since we had to reschedule, I invited ALL of the 40 people I invited the first time (which was scheduled for right after Christmas, and only 4 people were coming the first time around) despite E's pleas.  (seriously?  Like I could un-invite people?) Since most of us had been snowed in all week, I think a lot of people were desperate to get out of the house.

My original plan for Isaac's birthday was to get cupcakes from a cupcake place here.  That way, there wouldn't be a lot of left-overs.  That plan changed. Seeing as I didn't want to make 40 cupcakes myself, (and I certainly didn't want to pay $3 a piece for them) I decided to order a Costco cake.

It turned out pretty darn cute.  His party was snowman themed, so it worked.  Plus, Costco cake is yum-o.

See the inside of it?  Its like a whipped chocolate fluff. 

Oh, so yummy. (Isaac thought so, too.)

See, here's the problem.  The Costco cake said it would feed 35 people.  We had 35 rsvp's.  I kind of knew that some people wouldn't have cake, so there would be some left overs.  However, I didn't realize that Costco does every thing in bulk.  Including their cake "servings". 

I have, at least, a quarter of that cake in my fridge.  Staring me in the face.  Daring me to eat it.  Gosh, I think I hear it calling my name. 

Did I mention I'm still trying to lose some weight? (not much, but I'm pretty sure the cake would be counter-productive to reaching my goal.)

Do they make fridge locks for adults?


d e v a n said...

Oh, it's so yummy! You have wonderful will power. It would have been gone already at our house.

Kelly said...

Tracy, give yourself permission to throw it away! It is an incredibly powerful feeling! It is PAINFUL to do - but afterward it feels fantastic! <3 to you and your fam! And, Happy Belated Birthday to Isaac! I just love his name ;)

Allison said...

throw it away! seriously, it is the only thing that works for me.