Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of thoughts, nothing to say

Over the course of the summer, it seems like I am always coming up with good ideas for blog posts.  However, it seems that between the thought, and the actually sitting down, with time, to blog, it disappears.  I'm left with nothing.  Noth. Ang.

But, I always have pictures. At least I'm good for something.

Did I share these with you, yet?  I know I shared the wedding dancing video, but I don't think I shared the pictures I took immediately before the wedding.  There's a whole long story as to why I'm not in any of them.  Mainly, it has to do with a man with a migraine, (my husband) who happened to be the best man in the wedding as well, who could barely function.

That's a blog post topic that I can remember.  Trust me on that one. ;) 

A and O before the wedding.  They may have been fighting.
 Go, go, gadget eyes!

 E, giving his best even-though-I-feel-like-throwing-up-I'll-smile, smile.
 What did Zeke do during the wedding? Ate goldfish.  Lots and lots of them.

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Leza said...

Your daughter looks adorable in her dress! Your poor hubby does not look like he felt well. When my husband gets migraine he can't even function so I'm sure being at a wedding was not the most fun thing to do. Poor guy.

I love the picture where brother is just so mad lol